Is Instagram now more popular than Twitter? Not so fast!

When it comes to popularity with porn stars, Twitter is all the rage. But lately people are saying it’s all about Instagram. I thought about that, and I’m like hmmm … that makes sense, men love photos, instagram is all pics. But then again Instagram forbids nudes and twitter allows is. So that got me thinking … which social networking platform really is bigger?

Turns out the answer is Twitter, by far. In fact, Twitter is 3 times more popular than Instagram.

According to Ebiz MBA, a company who tracks the popularity of social networking sites, Facebook remains supreme with an estimated 1.1 billion unique visitors a month.

Twitter had 310 million and Instagram is only at 100 million.

So while it is true Instagram has skyrocketed in popularity this year, it still has a long way to go. Sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are still more popular than Instagram.

Here is the run down on other social networking sites.

  • Facebook – 1.1 billion unique monthly visitors
  • YouTube – 1 billion unique monthly visitors
  • Twitter – 310 million
  • Linkedin – 255 million
  • Pinterest – 250 million
  • Google Plus+ – 120 million
  • Tumblr – 110 million
  • Instagram – 100 million
  • Reddit – 85 million
  • VK – 80 million

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The Rules of Social Networking Do Matter

The article will help you understand the very few but important rules of Twitter and Facebook so you don’t get your accounts banned.

When it comes to marketing your brand and yes porn stars that means yourself, you need social networking sites like twitter and Facebook.

The problem is, far to many porn stars (or others in the industry) don’t seem to get the rules and find themselves working hard to build up their accounts, getting tons of followers and fans only to lose their account.

So here are a few simple but very important rules to follow —

First let’s start with Facebook. Facebook doesn’t like porn or anything directly associated with it — so if you are going to use Facebook to promote yourself or your brand then you need to be extra careful about the rules.

Rule #1: Facebook requires that you use your real name if you want a standard Facebook account. If you want to use your porn star name you’ll need to create a “page”. Here is the Facebook page for porn star Audrey Hollander.

If you want a normal account (here is a link to my Facebook account), use your real name, not something like YourfirstName YourCompany name. ie: Kelli PornCompanyName. If you want a traditional Facebook account you can’t use your company name, or some made up name – you have to use your real name. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you want your Facebook page to be called your company name, create a PAGE.

Rule #2: Don’t ever post pictures of yourself naked. Sex is a big no no on Facebook and it can get you banned. If you want to post sexy pictures that’s fine but do make sure you aren’t exposing your breasts or private parts.

Now let’s look at Twitter.

Twitter doesn’t really care what you call yourself. But what they do care about is your avatar, header image and background.

You may not have nudity in your header image, your avatar or your background. You can have sexy pictures but no nudity.

Can you tweet pictures of yourself naked? So far Twitter has allowed us to post all the naughty pictures we want BUT there is a catch … you need to adjust your twitter settings (under settings) and mark your photos as potentially sensitive.

twitter settings

If you do not do this and you tweet out naughty pictures of yourself, your twitter account couple potentially be banned.

Twitter’s Team Follow Train … Does it work?

So you have this new twitter account and now you need some followers, what are you to do? You know that people look down on buying followers, so then you hear about this thing called #TeamFollowBack or the Twitter Follow Train.

How it works is simple … you follow everyone in who teams #TeamFollowBack and in return they follow you. You follow 5,000 people, 5,000 people follow you back.

Sounds great, right? Well … turns out not so much.

What is the point of getting people to follow you? That’s really what you need to define before you can answer how great it is to buy or do team follow back.

Is the point so people don’t look at your account and go OMG they have 12 followers ewww? Or is the point so that your fans or followers can interact with you, find out what’s going on with you and perhaps buy some of your goodies?

That’s what Twitter SHOULD be about for you. Social media marketing is about marketing you (your brand) and the people you buy followers from aren’t real people and the same it turns out goes for follow train people either.

I did some extensive testing on three twitter accounts and these are my results.

  1. I bought 15,000 followers on an undisclosed account.
  2. I did team follow train and got 5,000 followers.
  3. I did it the hard way and tried to build up my account by being active.

I started all three test accounts on the exact same day (with exception of #3 see below) I made sure to give them real looking names, profiles and pictures. I tweeted exactly the same thing on all three accounts.

I made sure that with all three accounts I tweeted with the 80/20 ratio meaning that 8 out of every 10 things I said were about general stuff like the weather, what I was doing that day – no links. The other 20% of my tweets were pictures, promos, and whatnot.

Account 1 with 15,000 followers had a 0 rate of engagement. Out of about 600 tweets, not a single re-tweet, comment, or click through, nothing. LOL

Account # had 5,000 followers and in return I followed 5,000 people. My stream was full of their team follow back tweeting spam but you know what? That’s all they tweeted about. Those people were so busy getting new followers and tweeting about that, it’s all they talked about. I got 1 click through, from 600 total tweets, no comments, no re-tweets. It was almost like buying followers, only worse because now my stream is full of jackasses going on about #TeamFollowBack.

Account #3 had 312 followers. LOL I’m sorry but it was all I could get. I had to really work for those guys using creative hash tags, etc. In all I tweeted the same 600 tweets as the other two accounts but I also tweeted 83 additional tweets, each time using creative #hashtags and comments to other people’s tweets that I was following.

In the end my return was 21 click throughs, 6 retweets and 17 comments. 21 out of 312 was a hell of a result.

So it turns out the only way to have any sort of financial success with your twitter account is to have real followers and actually interact with them. Tweeting 400 ads won’t do anything for you. If you want to have a successful twitter account then you need to actually tweet real things. Talk about the weather, talk about some TV show you are watching or your favorite sporting event. Talk talk talk That’s the key to success on twitter.




Don’t be a Social Networking Spammer

Social media is about being social, not about spamming your friends and followers. This is something that a lot of people just don’t seem to get.  If you follow the rules of etiquette when using social networking sites, you might just find that you’ll actually have far better results than you would by being a spammer.

I want you to think about this … if you were to go to a mixer at your local Chamber of Commerce, would you wear a big sign around your neck that promotes your website? Of course not and you shouldn’t do it on Twitter or Facebook.


don't spam twitter


Don’t use automated direct messages to promote your website.  First and foremost, they are against the Twitter Terms of Service and have been known to cause a high ratio of un-follows.

Don’t start sending direct messages to your followers unless you really know them. If you want to thank them for following you then send it in an @tweet. If also helps to make it personal so you don’t look like a twitter bot. Say something like Hey @MissKelliXXX thanks for following me, really appreciate it. Now to the next guy say something like Thanks for following me @FameRegistry. Love your site. Now you are engaging your followers in a conversation and that is what social networking is about.

By using social networking sites int he way they are supposed to, you actually might generate interest from people – real people. They click your name and you know what they see? A link to your website and chances are because they are interested in you, they will click your link to your site.

The other side of that coin is, you could spam your new followers, annoy them and eventually they just stop following you or even worse, enough of them report you for spam tweets and then you lose your account.

Did you know there are groups of people dedicated to nothing but enforcing anti-spam rules on social networking sites? They are internet vigilantes and they are quite dedicated when it comes to going after people they deem a twitter account nothing more than spam.

So here are some basic “guidelines” to follow … you should have a 1:10 ratio of tweets. This means that you should have a minimum of 10 real tweets (text with no links at of all of kind) for every 1 tweet that includes a link.

So if you want to tweet out a promo to your website once a day, that means you’ll need to tweet about 10 other things first. It doesn’t really matter what those things are, as long as they are engaging to your users and don’t include links to anything else.

So what are some things you can tweet?

  • Tweet hello or good night.
  • Reply to other people’s tweets.  If they ask questions, try and answer them. If they say good morning, say good morning back.
  • Tweet a thank you to someone or something. ie: I so love @Pepsi. Nothing wakes me up in the morning more than an ice cold @Pepsi.
  • Ask for help or advice about something. ie: The new iphone.
  • Tweet happy birthday messages to your favorite porn stars or celebs.
  • Tweet tips about something you are knowledgeable in. Just remember to talk like a human – make sure your tweets don’t make you sound like an auto-tweeting bot.
  • Ask questions that require an answer more than a yes or a no.
  • Conduct a poll. Ie: Do you like blondes, brunettes or red heads?
  • Tell a funny or interesting story. It make take you a few tweets but that’s okay to do sometimes.
  • Did you eat something great? Tweet out the recipe.
  • Tweet interesting facts.
  • Compliment someone’s profile or avatar for a person who follows you.

Just remember that you have two main goals … #1 Is to tweet text without any links. You want to save your links to tweet about your website. #2 Your goal is to be engaging. The more interesting your tweets are the more people will comment or re-tweet them and that will help you even more.













The Social Shares War – Revisited

Last year I did a post about the social share wars {see older post here}. In this post I asked the question, which social networking site do people really use. We all know Facebook is king in terms of user-base but we also know millions and millions of those accounts are fake or dead (no longer in use).

So basically what I did was looked at a popular news story on a mainstream site and then we examined who did what in terms of sharing the information. In September of 2012 we learned that if people wanted to share information with their friends they usually did so via twitter, not Facebook like I had thought.

So despite Facebook being the #1 social networking site, the actual usage favored twitter. So now a year later things have changed yet again. This snapshot was taken in August of 2013. It shows us the big three – Facebook vs Twitter vs Google+ (the big three we care about in the porn industry) and #1 is now google+ believe it or not. Behind that is Facebook and Twitter has taken a noticeable drop.


Facebook (738 shares), Twitter (695 shares) and Google+ (1,100 shares) – other sites (329 shares)

So now let’s compare that to the one we used in 2012. What a major difference a single year makes, huh? Google+ was barely on the radar just a year ago.






Porn Stars are People too!

For many years now mainstream celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and the Real Housewives of whatever have been getting paid to tweet.  Porn stars however not so much, yet this is despite the fact that in some cases they have more followers than their mainstream counterparts.  I tried a few of the pay per tweet solutions out there but in the end they just weren’t worth our time and I love that the biggest company even charges you a $5 a month inactivity fee, but won’t let you withdraw earnings without reaching a threshold of $100 so any money you might earn quickly gets taken away by fees.

But more than just that I’ve long sought a way for porn stars to make money off of the movies they make after they are released.  Mainstream celebs are paid money based on the sale of the movies they are in, so why not porn stars too?  Just think how much a porn star would promote a movie (which would boost sales massively) if they had a vested interest in that movie.  It just makes sense.

So with the help of some friends I got to work developing a solution specific for our industry that would financially reward porn stars for promoting the movies they have starred in a special pay per tweet website.

I am so happy to share with you all a project that is near and dear to my heart called Red Hot Tweets … this system is design for porn stars to simply put, get paid to tweet. Now porn stars can make money by promoting the movies they have starred in, by tweeting about that movie to their fans.

Don’t you deserve to get paid to promote the movies you are in?

Red Hot Tweets is really simple to use. You log into your twitter account and tell us where you want us to mail your checks to. Once we verify your account is legit and it’s not just some person pretending to be you on a fake twitter account, we’ll offer you up various movies you have been in. You pick which movies and from what studios you wish to promote, click tweet and that’s it.

It’s a real solution for real porn stars made by people in the industry for people in the industry!

We are working with a lot of great studios and producers so not to worry, we’ll have lots of your movies to promote! With Red Hot Tweets everyone wins.  Producers and studios get the benefit of their movies having more sales and porn stars benefit by getting paid cold hard cash for promoting that movie for them.  How can you now love it?  Here are just some of the studios we feature movies of include ….


Wicked PicturesPenthouseEvil Angel VideoZero Tolerance VideoAmateur DistrictDigital PlaygroundVivid EntertainmentSmash PicturesRed Light DistrictNew SensationsCezar CaponeCombat ZoneKiss Ass Pictures

Who’s Rockin’ The Social Network “Shares”?

“Experts” tell us that Facebook has taken a steep downturn while Google + is on the rise.  But I’ve learned over the years that these so called “experts” don’t always hit the nail on the head so it got me wondering, who exactly is winning the social network shares race right now?

And as luck would have it Clint Eastwood would help provide us the answer.

Anytime some major story hits the mainstream news you have all of these people clicking share share share share share.  So when the story hit the news about Clint Eastwood at the recent Republican convention I found a popular site with the story on their blog to see just who is sharing what and with who.

So who do you think wins when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Google + Linkedin, Pinterest, StumbleUpon.  I must admit, I myself was rather surprised with the results.  I would have said off the cuff it was no content, of course Facebook has the most and then of course twitter and then probably Google + and then the rest in any random order.  I would have however been wrong.

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin are the top three (in that order), then Stumble Upon then Pinterest and surprisingly last place was +1.  Here is a graphic of the results.

Where the results what you thought?  To me I was surprised in two ways.  First it was that Facebook wasn’t #1 and instead Twitter was in a rather significant lead.  The other big surprise to me was the Google + results.  Last place?  Really?  I keep reading about the major surges in Google + use yet clearly it still has a long way to go.