Porn Stars are People too!

For many years now mainstream celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and the Real Housewives of whatever have been getting paid to tweet.  Porn stars however not so much, yet this is despite the fact that in some cases they have more followers than their mainstream counterparts.  I tried a few of the pay per tweet solutions out there but in the end they just weren’t worth our time and I love that the biggest company even charges you a $5 a month inactivity fee, but won’t let you withdraw earnings without reaching a threshold of $100 so any money you might earn quickly gets taken away by fees.

But more than just that I’ve long sought a way for porn stars to make money off of the movies they make after they are released.  Mainstream celebs are paid money based on the sale of the movies they are in, so why not porn stars too?  Just think how much a porn star would promote a movie (which would boost sales massively) if they had a vested interest in that movie.  It just makes sense.

So with the help of some friends I got to work developing a solution specific for our industry that would financially reward porn stars for promoting the movies they have starred in a special pay per tweet website.

I am so happy to share with you all a project that is near and dear to my heart called Red Hot Tweets … this system is design for porn stars to simply put, get paid to tweet. Now porn stars can make money by promoting the movies they have starred in, by tweeting about that movie to their fans.

Don’t you deserve to get paid to promote the movies you are in?

Red Hot Tweets is really simple to use. You log into your twitter account and tell us where you want us to mail your checks to. Once we verify your account is legit and it’s not just some person pretending to be you on a fake twitter account, we’ll offer you up various movies you have been in. You pick which movies and from what studios you wish to promote, click tweet and that’s it.

It’s a real solution for real porn stars made by people in the industry for people in the industry!

We are working with a lot of great studios and producers so not to worry, we’ll have lots of your movies to promote! With Red Hot Tweets everyone wins.  Producers and studios get the benefit of their movies having more sales and porn stars benefit by getting paid cold hard cash for promoting that movie for them.  How can you now love it?  Here are just some of the studios we feature movies of include ….


Wicked PicturesPenthouseEvil Angel VideoZero Tolerance VideoAmateur DistrictDigital PlaygroundVivid EntertainmentSmash PicturesRed Light DistrictNew SensationsCezar CaponeCombat ZoneKiss Ass Pictures

Porn Stars are People too!