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The Social Shares War – Revisited

Last year I did a post about the social share wars {see older post here}. In this post I asked the question, which social networking site do people really use. We all know Facebook is king in terms of user-base but we also know millions and millions of those accounts are fake or dead (no longer in use).

So basically what I did was looked at a popular news story on a mainstream site and then we examined who did what in terms of sharing the information. In September of 2012 we learned that if people wanted to share information with their friends they usually did so via twitter, not Facebook like I had thought.

So despite Facebook being the #1 social networking site, the actual usage favored twitter. So now a year later things have changed yet again. This snapshot was taken in August of 2013. It shows us the big three – Facebook vs Twitter vs Google+ (the big three we care about in the porn industry) and #1 is now google+ believe it or not. Behind that is Facebook and Twitter has taken a noticeable drop.


Facebook (738 shares), Twitter (695 shares) and Google+ (1,100 shares) – other sites (329 shares)

So now let’s compare that to the one we used in 2012. What a major difference a single year makes, huh? Google+ was barely on the radar just a year ago.






The Social Shares War – Revisited