A guide to using Twitter the right way

So you are a porn star or in the adult industry somehow and realize that social networking is of vital importance to your success, but you aren’t sure how to use it the right way.  Well, then my friend you are reading the right article.

#1:  Don’t show us the full Monty!

Don’t have blatant and obvious nudity in your profile graphics and most especially with your avatar.  While it is true Twitter has been very open minded with the adult industry taking to twitter so far, they have had some account bannings and lock downs with people have their vagina’s flying free in their profile.

In addition to no nudity in your header/avatar you should also not include links to pornographic websites in your header or avatar.

#2:  Spam is not your friend!

Twitter isn’t a place to spam others or even really promote your product or service.  Twitter is about socializing with other like minded members of the twitter community or twitter-verse as it is known by some.  Spamming will get your account banned, period.  Don’t do it.  There is no specific set number of normal tweets vs ad tweets you can use like 1 ad for every 20 real tweets but I can assure you, but I can promise if you are posting ads more than that, chances are sooner or later you are going to lose your twitter account.

My suggestion is to keep with the 80/20 rule.  What this means is there should be no more than 2 ad like tweets for every 8 real tweet you have in your timeline.

So while you are talking about the TV shows you watched last night, the new bikini you want to try on and see how fabulous it looks then it doesn’t hurt to throw in 1 ad.  But if you sit there all day tweeting links to this picture or that video on your website, you are just a twitter spammer and that’s not going to fly for long.  With twitter you have to at least pretend to be interested in the world around you and that’s what you should be tweeting about.  For example, A-Rod was playing baseball today and picked up some hot chick during the actual game itself.  Put his number on a baseball and said call him.  The chick just so happen to be a former model and bikini designer and you could talk about a) how hot she looks or b) how hot you  (or some girl) might look in one of her bikinis.

Since you should be tweeting no less than 4 or 5 times a day, with each subject being at least a few lines each, that basically means you can tweet an ad about 1 time a day while all your other tweets should be about the 4 or 5 various other subject matters which again can include anything from your favorite TV shows to some pink panties you were thinking of buying this weekend at the mall.  What you say doesn’t really matter, just as long as you are talking about something.  And on that note keep in mind you need to tweet every day no less than two distinct subject matters in any given day but always try for 4 to 5 per day.  Active tweets like Vicky Vette can easily cover 10 subjects a day without blinking an eye.

#3:  Don’t waste your time buying followers!

Having a lot of twitter followers doesn’t make you seem important.  In fact if it is ever revealed you have bought followers (and there are sites out there who publish such data), then it would hurt your reputation even more.  It would make you look shady and desperate.

Case in point, Digital Playground brought in a new contract girl who was rather young and quite annoying.  She would do interviews and say things how the other contract girls were jealous of her because she was so young and pretty.  She then started to brag about how many twitter followers she had before her first movie was even released.  Well that got people suspicious and they started digging.  Turns out Digital Playground had bought a lot of those followers for her so most of these “fans” were actually just fake accounts.  So how great did she look when that news came out? LOL

Beyond that, what really is the point of having a bunch of fake followers?  If your goal is to make money or build up your brand then for that you need real people.  It’s better to have 23 real followers than 280,000 fake ones.  Don’t you think?  What can those 280,000 fake people do for you?  Nothing!  Because they aren’t real.  But 1 of those 23 people might buy your next movie or join your website.

 # 4:  Don’t be a drama llama!

Twitter isn’t to air out your personal business or dirty laundry.  Keep this shit between you and your real life friends.  Sure every once in awhile you may need to tweet some warning but keep it limited.  For example, last year or so Kiara Diane worked on a big budget film for Bluebird Films.  She went to cash her check from them for a scene she did only to find that the studio had stopped payment on all of the checks.  Turns out Paul Chaplin the owner had done this because he was pissed off that someone ran a story about the movie but didn’t include his name in the article at all.  As the star of the movie and the company owner he through a piss fest and cancelled the checks to the some odd 40 girls who got paid to be in that movie.  I know, how mature of that ass hat, right? LOL  So anywho, she tweeted letting others know her check from them bounced to warn her fellow performers about working with them.  While she eventually got her money, she did the right thing in tweeting out a warning to others about Bluebird Films not paying their talent.

But in general she doesn’t tweet a bunch of drama or fight with others over twitter.  So long story short, if you have some sort of issue every once in awhile it’s understandable you want to get the word out but don’t do it on a regular basis and this means tweeting anything negative including your PMSing.  We don’t need to know this.  There is never a reason that you fan base needs to know your menstrual cycle.  If they do then you are probably a drama queen and need to stay your ass off twitter in the first place.

# 5: You are never fully dressed without a smile

Always be nice.  Even if some jack ass is tweeting you about what a two-bit whore you are.  Who cares, block him, and move on.   Your followers have enough bullshit in their life and they don’t need to come on twitter and see yours too.  Be positive, smile, and be loved and worshiped by all.  If you are having a bad day STAY OFF OF TWITTER.  Don’t degrade or put down fans or other people.  It only ends up making you look bad.  Try and keep a positive spin on the subjects you are speaking about.  In the long run, you’ll gain more fans and followers that way.

# 6: Shout Outs Rock!

The best way to get more followers is to engage with others in the industry. This means if someone you did a scene with tweets about something, respond to him or her! Those interactions between you two will get you noticed and get you more followers. Heck, you can even take it a step further and arrange a shout out for shout out. You offer to promote their twitter account and in exchange, you do the same for them. Say like HEY FOLLOW MY FRIEND (@WHOEVER), and then they do the same for you. That really does work!

# 7: Consistency is important

I said it before but I need to say it again because it’s important to your overall social media success strategy. Post daily 4 to 5 times a day, every single day. A tweet doesn’t have to be a picture or a video. Just say hello or good morning or talk about a movie you’ve recently watched on Netflix. The whole point of social media is to be social. So get out there and interact with your followers and share a little bit about yourself with the world.

A guide to using Twitter the right way