Social Networking Shares

Who’s Rockin’ The Social Network “Shares”?

“Experts” tell us that Facebook has taken a steep downturn while Google + is on the rise.  But I’ve learned over the years that these so called “experts” don’t always hit the nail on the head so it got me wondering, who exactly is winning the social network shares race right now?

And as luck would have it Clint Eastwood would help provide us the answer.

Anytime some major story hits the mainstream news you have all of these people clicking share share share share share.  So when the story hit the news about Clint Eastwood at the recent Republican convention I found a popular site with the story on their blog to see just who is sharing what and with who.

So who do you think wins when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Google + Linkedin, Pinterest, StumbleUpon.  I must admit, I myself was rather surprised with the results.  I would have said off the cuff it was no content, of course Facebook has the most and then of course twitter and then probably Google + and then the rest in any random order.  I would have however been wrong.

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin are the top three (in that order), then Stumble Upon then Pinterest and surprisingly last place was +1.  Here is a graphic of the results.

Where the results what you thought?  To me I was surprised in two ways.  First it was that Facebook wasn’t #1 and instead Twitter was in a rather significant lead.  The other big surprise to me was the Google + results.  Last place?  Really?  I keep reading about the major surges in Google + use yet clearly it still has a long way to go.

Who’s Rockin’ The Social Network “Shares”?