The Top MALE Porn Stars

For years now I’ve been tracking the popularity of female porn stars at Fame Registry, but a few months ago I started gathering data on male performers.  Tracking male porn stars isn’t as easy as female performers.  So I’ve been working on perfecting my formula in the background at Fame Registry.

Testing out the calculations for the past few months in secret. I tried to pick a selection of mainstream male performers who are currently active and then track their popularity based on a couple of factors including the popularity of their website, social networking popularity, keyword frequency and how many times each day someone Google’s them (so monthly search popularity).

So what have I come up with in terms of who the most popular male porn stars are?

[raw][list style=”ordered” type=”type1″ ]
James Deen
Lexington Steele
Evan Stone
Johnny Castle
Mr. Pete
Tommy Gunn
Manuel Ferrara
Mark Wood
Marcus London
Nick Manning
Seth Gamble
Erik Everhard
Danny Mountain
Billy Glide
Dale DaBone
Barry Scott
Otto Bauer
Alex Gonz
Bobby Vitale
Alec Knight
Eric Masterson
Trent Tesoro
Michael Pacino


Should a performer blog?

Someone asked me a very interesting question today and that was …. “Why do porn stars blog?  Does it even matter?  Does it really even help them in any way?”  Not really all that surprising to anyone with even the slightest knowledge in PR the answer is a big fat HELL YES IT MATTERS.

And here is the simple reason why …. the more things you do that draw positive attention to yourself, the more fans you are likely to gain. The more fans you have the more people want ot see your work.  The more people want ot see your work the more producers are likely to sell of your product and let’s be real in the end what we are producing is a PRODUCT and that product is about making money so the more product you can move the more money they make the more likely they are to want to hire you because the more money you can make them.  See how all that works?

So that means if you setup a blog and start posting pictures and stories about your life, that’s great and the more you do it, the more “traffic” you will generate which is just another way of saying, the more fans will see your blog.  And that is how the cycle begins.  A small blog who maybe sees one or two posts a week might get 100 or 200 visitors a day, which is a few thousand fans a month.  Someone who blogs more often and does much longer posts (the longer posts almost always generate more traffic) can get around 1,000 to 5,000 visitors in a single day and that is really your goal … the target you want to reach in terms of generating traffic.  If your blog is generating as much as 1 to 5k “unique” visitors a day then that gives you bargaining power with producers because then you have reached a point where everything you say has a deep impact to potential consumers of their product.  But that’s really another story for another day.

“I tweet is that enough?”  No it’s not.  A blog is a very different thing than a twitter account and while it is true you can post pictures and communicate with fans via twitter, it doesn’t generate “traffic” for you (your brand) in the same way that a blog would or does.  Twitter, while a very important part of your overall marketing strategy, is really designed for the here and now, short snippets of your life … hi, hello … on the set, going to get ice cream.  While a blog is meant for more in-depth conversations.

So long story short, yes every porn star should blog – that means every one of you … it doesn’t matter how famous you are or wished you were, the new guys and the more seasoned performers …. every means all of you.

Any legitimate performer with more than 5,000 followers on twitter who wants help setting up a blog (for free) can click the contact me link on my site and I’ll help them.  I will help you for free.  All you have to promise to do is actually use it.  It’s super duper easy to blog.  If you can tweet you can blog.  It’s beyond simple.  Promise.

So there, now you have no excuse not to be blogging because I will help you setup one for free.

So what should you write about?  Really anything that comes to mind.  Some girls talk about their favorite shoes while others go into details about sports teams they love.  Blog posts are really just stories like you post on twitter only longer.  They can be as long as you want them to be.  You can tell about how you were on the way to the set and got lost but found this store with awesome lipstick.  Your fans don’t really care what you blog about, they just want to get to know more about you and the more you tell them, the more fans you will get.


Do blondes really have more fun?

Sometimes you get lucky and get to work on a project or website that features someone who is just nothing short of amazing and this week I had the privilege of working on a new site for the blonde bombshell Gemma Hiles.  When making the site I noticed she sometimes colors her hair a sultry brunette, so I put up a poll asking which fans like best, Gemma Hiles as a blonde or as a brunette.  But the truth of the matter is, I’m totally bias.  Even if the fans were to say they loved her as a brunette 500 to 1, I wouldn’t care.  I still have a thing for blondes. 🙂

Gemma Hiles


Soft and Sweet

If you had asked me a year ago what I thought about the softer side of things, I would have scoffed, telling you that’s just silly.  Nobody cares about tits and ass anymore, they want to see the real deal … they want to see a girl in a 35 person gang bang.  I however would have been wrong and working at Bluebird Films really has taught me that.  They have this site called Babe Channel Babes and it basically is a collection of pretty girl photo galleries featuring different girls, mostly from the UK, like the girls who appear on Bluebird TV.  I have to show you some of these girls so you can see just how amazingly hot they are!  Below are photos of (from left to right) Kirsty Yaqub, Cara Steel and Annie Bullah.


Kirsty Yaqub Cara Steel   Annie Bullah

Evelyn is Picture Perfect

For years I’ve seen the great things people can do with Photoshop and long since admired their skills. Truth be told, I’m so not a graphics artist. Don’t get me wrong, I wished I was, it’s just a skill I flat out don’t posses.

Recently I came across a fun little program who says they can take any photo and make it Photoshop like fabulous, so I decided to take a picture of the UK model Evelyn from Bluebird Films and started playing around.  The photo to the left (the whiter skinned one) is the touched up phone to Evelyn.  The first one is the touched up photo while the one below that is the original.  What do you think?  Is Evelyn picture perfect or what?!





Lydia Yapp

I have a new client I’ve been working with, Bluebird Films.  They make adult movies like many other studios but most of their girls are from the UK.   I’ve not really worked with a lot of talent from England before so I’m still learning about these girls.  It may take me awhile, but it’s been a fun learning experience.   Today I got a  new photoset from a model by the name of Lydia Yapp that is scheduled to go live on Babe Channel Babes in a few weeks.  She has a very unique look.  She’s an exotic beauty with a distinctly Asian flair.  Very sexy don’t you think?

 Lydia YappLydia Yapp