to blog or not to blog

Should a performer blog?

Someone asked me a very interesting question today and that was …. “Why do porn stars blog?  Does it even matter?  Does it really even help them in any way?”  Not really all that surprising to anyone with even the slightest knowledge in PR the answer is a big fat HELL YES IT MATTERS.

And here is the simple reason why …. the more things you do that draw positive attention to yourself, the more fans you are likely to gain. The more fans you have the more people want ot see your work.  The more people want ot see your work the more producers are likely to sell of your product and let’s be real in the end what we are producing is a PRODUCT and that product is about making money so the more product you can move the more money they make the more likely they are to want to hire you because the more money you can make them.  See how all that works?

So that means if you setup a blog and start posting pictures and stories about your life, that’s great and the more you do it, the more “traffic” you will generate which is just another way of saying, the more fans will see your blog.  And that is how the cycle begins.  A small blog who maybe sees one or two posts a week might get 100 or 200 visitors a day, which is a few thousand fans a month.  Someone who blogs more often and does much longer posts (the longer posts almost always generate more traffic) can get around 1,000 to 5,000 visitors in a single day and that is really your goal … the target you want to reach in terms of generating traffic.  If your blog is generating as much as 1 to 5k “unique” visitors a day then that gives you bargaining power with producers because then you have reached a point where everything you say has a deep impact to potential consumers of their product.  But that’s really another story for another day.

“I tweet is that enough?”  No it’s not.  A blog is a very different thing than a twitter account and while it is true you can post pictures and communicate with fans via twitter, it doesn’t generate “traffic” for you (your brand) in the same way that a blog would or does.  Twitter, while a very important part of your overall marketing strategy, is really designed for the here and now, short snippets of your life … hi, hello … on the set, going to get ice cream.  While a blog is meant for more in-depth conversations.

So long story short, yes every porn star should blog – that means every one of you … it doesn’t matter how famous you are or wished you were, the new guys and the more seasoned performers …. every means all of you.

Any legitimate performer with more than 5,000 followers on twitter who wants help setting up a blog (for free) can click the contact me link on my site and I’ll help them.  I will help you for free.  All you have to promise to do is actually use it.  It’s super duper easy to blog.  If you can tweet you can blog.  It’s beyond simple.  Promise.

So there, now you have no excuse not to be blogging because I will help you setup one for free.

So what should you write about?  Really anything that comes to mind.  Some girls talk about their favorite shoes while others go into details about sports teams they love.  Blog posts are really just stories like you post on twitter only longer.  They can be as long as you want them to be.  You can tell about how you were on the way to the set and got lost but found this store with awesome lipstick.  Your fans don’t really care what you blog about, they just want to get to know more about you and the more you tell them, the more fans you will get.


Should a performer blog?