What is wrong with people?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t understand people sometimes. I was reading a post on my Facebook page where this guy I know who has cheated on every single person he has ever been with in the past 10+ years that I’ve known him is posting and bragging about he believes in karma. Really?

There is this other guy I know who goes on and on about how loyalty is the most important thing to him. Yet amazingly he’s the first person to turn his back on someone who was down and needed him. He couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger to help someone if it wasn’t going to benefit him.

There is this woman I know whose husband is in the Marines stationed in the middle east. His mother and brother started gathering things they needed to send gift boxes to him and his troop. They have sent about $5,000 worth of goodies in the last 3 weeks. The wife found out and was livid because they didn’t go through her or get her approval to do such a thing and is now demanding nobody else send anything else without her permission first. REALLY? What the hell does sending gift bags to the troops have to do with you? Because your stupid whore ass isn’t getting credit. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU BITCH. GET OVER YOURSELF!

Last week there was this woman who goes by the name Voluptuous “name”. The industry didn’t call her that, SHE named herself that. So she posted on a business to business message board looking for someone to help her with marketing and social networking but wanted to make sure they had proven experience. A few people suggested a guy. She posted back that she doesn’t see he has any experience in this area and several people replied in reference of the guy and said this person has experience with big tits as he’s been in the industry working specifically in that niche for years. Obviously her particular niche was big breasts and she herself even goes by the name Voluptuous (whatever). She posts back a horrible tirade about how completely unprofessional these people were. How dare they speak to her in such a manner. Wait … what? I had to re-read all the posts like three times because surely I was missing something. She identifies herself by the big tit genre, she wanted someone with proven experience and this person in question had years of proven experience in that specific genre. She said “My view is we keep wanting to say the adult industry is a business then let’s treat it like one.”

I sat there trying to understand her problem. I still haven’t quite got it. But it was yet another example that made me go WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is wrong with people?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!