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The SEO Mistake We Need To Seriously Avoid

A Google employee, a tech lead for the actual search engine, recently did a video which she said she was going to discuss the 5 most common SEO mistakes.  I thought, omg great!  I’m going to listen to this video and use the knowledge I learn from this and write up my own blog post to help other webmasters.  Sadly the only thing I actually learned from this video by this chick was that the rumors really are true.  Google really does put out total and complete bullshit to confuse the fuck out of people and sell their hyped story that SEO doesn’t exsist.

This educational video went on for 10 minutes talking about no real SEO advice at all.  Instead it was a story about how you could build up the quality of your website and define the value prop.  It was so horrible.  I just wanted to scream to her …. bitch we aren’t stupid.   Shut the hell up already!  We know that we need to define the value of our product or service but it has not a fucking thing to do with SEO.  So please shut up and stop trying to feed us your bullshit Google propaganda.  We all know SEO exists.  We know that you people at Google want us to believe there are no secrets or things you can do to improve your rankings short of building a better website.    -rolls eyes-  I’m now so highly annoyed at Google for wasting 10 minutes of my life watching this stupid video full of propaganda poo.

In fact in her video she even goes as far to say don’t do any of those key SEO techniques that gurus tell you to.  That instead you should spend that time on improving the quality of your site.

Wait … what??!!  Forget about things like unique titles and relevant meta descriptions and instead just focus on better site navigation and design?  Are you kidding me?

Her other advice is to stay fresh and relevant and to attract buzz use +1s.  LOL  Of course she had to encourage you to use Google’s +1 service.

So after waiting 10 minutes of my time watching their stupid video I decided I still wanted to write this post but unlike this fake bitch who I still want to slap across her stupid face for wasting my time and lying to me and others about SEO …where was I going with this?  Oh yes … unlike the dumb google bitch, I want to try and actually help you guys with some SEO advice.

But instead of making a top 10 list of SEO mistakes, instead I thought I would concentrate on just the one .. the one that has been talked about to death as of late.

And that mistake is building low value backlinks.

It’s important that you have links to your website.  Without them … well, it’s not even speakable.  The more quality links you have to your website, the more search engines like Google value your website.

But on the other end of things, Low value backlinks which includes those from spam or irrelevant sites or sites built solely for the purpose of pushing out links, could actually damage to your site’s SEO.  Google tech’s aren’t half as stupid as many people seem to think they are.  So don’t think your little tricks are going to do you any good.

Despite what people may think, 1000 low quality links don’t equal to a single good 1.

Someone awhile ago put out there that 1 link from a PR 1 site = 1 point while 1 link from a PR 4 site = 4 points so the theory came about that 1,000 links from a PR site was just as good as 2 or 3 from a PR 4 ste.  It’s not.
1,000 shitty links may equal 5 points total, MAYBE, while a single link from a site who has a PR 4 or PR5 may be worth 50 points.  Truth is, not a single one of us know the formula.  Only Google does but through experience and lots of testing we’ve learned low quality links like don’t do you any good and that most especially includes putting your link on a site with 100 others.

If a site has more than 20 links on the page, it isn’t going to do you any good.  Seriously it isn’t.  It’s link spam and it’s a waste of time to be on that site.  Period.

Use sites like Open Site Explorer from SEO moz to find out how valuable your links are and how many you have.  Look at how many high quality links you have and if you don’t have enough, get some.  Avoid buying links on sites that have more than 10 links on a single page.  They are a waste of your time and money.

The SEO Mistake We Need To Seriously Avoid