SEO morphs from where to who

SEO “tricks” that so called experts tell you about may not work for you in the future or at least not as much as they did in the past.  Things are changing quickly and social networking in playing a very big part in that change.  In the very near future who links to you could become more important than where the link’s from.  In the past if a website that had a high page rank link to your site, it gave it a huge SEO boost.  While that is still the case today, in the future it looks to be changing from less about where the link is coming form to WHO the link is coming from.

The new face of SEO is shaping up in a very big way to look into the person giving out the links.

So let’s say you have two people, both of who of who use twitter.  Person one has 53,000 followers while the other person has 117.  Which of the two people do you think Google will give more credit for your link from?

So in the past while it was all about the authority of the website, in the future search engines are going to start looking at the authority of the person giving the link.

Despite what some people are saying, I do think that high authority websites will always play a part in SEO just as they do today … but in the future those people will personal authority, well … they are going to start really playing a big part as well.

So next time you wonder if you should really work on building up your social network following, the big SEO impact of the future should motivate you to do just that.






SEO morphs from where to who