Kelli Roberts


Promote your own brand!

I’m driving down the road this morning and what do I see?  An advertisement for maid services but instead of their own website they give our their facebook page instead.  No big deal, right?  Well, let me share with you a little photograph.   It should help clear up this whole concept up for you.

While I’m sure at the time those in charge of marketing for Cezar Capone thought this was a great idea, it was very short sighted of them for a few reasons . First and foremost, the whole point over advertising is to build YOUR brand.  So why are you spending money to promote the myspace brand?  That’s just silly!  Next because of the ever so obvious reason that this photo shows us … how silly do you look now that nobody uses myspace? And last but not least is the wasted resource.  Now that myspace is dead, this resource is a waste.  Had it just had the website address on it, they could still be using it for promotion  years later.  But now?  Kinda silly to use this pic to promote their website.

Now to be clear, I’m not saying you don’t need social networking sites.  Of course you do.  They are invaluable resources.  But these sites should be used to promote YOUR brand.  You shouldn’t be promoting their brand, they should be promoting yours!


Promote your own brand!