No scanner? No problem!

Awhile ago I needed to send a copy of my ID to a company I was setting up a banking relationship with.   My scanner hadn’t exactly worked in awhile and I wasn’t sure what to do so I remembered my mom had one.  It had come free with her new computer.  So I trotter over to my parents house and scanned my ID.  Well turns out scanners suck.  The ID wasn’t all that clear and although I tried to send it to them, my representative was concerned that MasterCard might reject it.

So instead he had a really brilliant idea that I wanted to share with all of you in case you too are in my position.    “If you don’t have access to a scanner, take a picture with your iPhone.”

It was so simple yet so brilliant.  Sure enough I tried it and it worked.  The quality was amazing too.  So much better than any scanner I’ve ever used on really anything.

I put my ID on my desk, turned on all the lights in the room to make sure the picture would be clear enough and snapped my photo and perfecto.  An amazingly perfect scan of my ID to send them.

Well the next week I had to sign a contract with a company I was going to do some consulting with.  So I printed the contract, signed it and then instead of scanning it and emailing it back, I tried the phone trick again.  It worked perfectly!  I took a photo of the page with my signature and cropped the image into the rest of the pages.

So guys if you don’t have a scanner, no problem.  Just use your iphone.  It will come out better quality anyway!



No scanner? No problem!