I frequent a few industry message boards.  Often times I’ll see posts looking for SEO help.  Yet when take a look at their website almost every time I notice one thing and that is that they these so called industry “professionals” don’t even bother to get the most basic feature of their site right which is the title tag.  Now they are off looking to pay who knows how much money to someone claiming to be a search engine guru to fix all their problems.

It really makes me sad to see it happen time and again.

So today I’ve decided to share some information with you and I hope that each and every website owner takes this information to heart and if they do nothing else for their websites this month, they will at the very least update their websites with the proper title tag.

Long ago search engines used to use something called META DESCRIPTION TAGS and META KEYWORDS but those days are long gone.  Search engines learned that webmasters just stuffed them with keywords, often irrelevant to the actual content on the site.  So now search engines have improved their technology and gotten smarter.  Now they now to actually scan your page to find out what it is about.  They also use the TITLE tag on your page and this is an area that can actually get you a penalty and hurt your search engine rankings if you don’t use the title tag properly.

So let’s say you have a website called  In your website you have 15 pages.  That means that you need to have 14 unique title tags, period.  If every single page on your website doesn’t have a unique, accurately descriptive title tag than you are making a huge mistake.

So the first page of your website would be “SEX”.  Now what about the other 14 pages?  Let’s say the first page is dedicated to Lisa Ann, your title would be something like Sex – Lisa Ann.  If page two is about blondes with big tits then the title should be Sex – Blondes with Big Tits.  If the next page features a clip from the movie Love Love Lela then the title tag of the page could be Sex – Love Love Lela.

I think by now you get the point, right? So continue on and make sure that every single page on your website has a title that is not like any other title on any of the other pages on your websites.  You also want to make sure that the title is descriptive but not to long  …. and again to be clear, every single page must have their own unique title.  You should include the name of your website (your main keywords) and then what the page is about.