Do you know what SEO even is?

In 2012 there were an average of 5.1 billion searches per day. That means that over 5.1 billion times a day someone enters some set of keywords into the Google search box to find something. As of June of 2013 Google controlled 67% of the US search market. Besides returning results for those 5.1 billion searches that users do every day, Google also goes out there and crawls 20 billion websites every day in a never ending search of new data that it can turn into results for those 5.1 billion searches a day.

Learning about how all of that works is often referred to as SEO and when I talk about SEO I had no idea how many people didn’t really know what it means. Basically the objective of SEO is to increase traffic to your website, by very high in the search results based on a specific set of your desired keywords.

SEO isn’t something you do short time or over a limited period of time. There is no end to SEO. Because of the changes that take place with the search engine algorithms, you will always have something that needs to be tweaked or updated.

Every little thing you do matters when it comes to SEO. Using “three” versus “3” in the title of one of your articles can have a direct impact on your click through ratios.

Some of the most obvious and basic things are often times the most overlooked. This includes the title tag. Every page on your entire site needs a unique title. Even if your website has 933 different pages, you need 933 unique titles for those pages. A general guideline for your title tag is that they should be between 6-12 words — no more than 70 characters long.

Fixing even tiny little things like unique title tags and proper meta descriptions can have a huge impact on how many people per day a search engine sends your website. So before you get all stressed out worrying about the big stuff, just start small. Take baby steps.  Fix a few little things and see how it goes. Then by the time you’ve fixed all the little things on your website, I think you might be surprised just how much the traffic to your website has increased.




Do you know what SEO even is?