Field of Dreams

Build it and they come … right?

In 1989 Hollywood produced a movie starring Kevin Costner called “Field of Dreams”. Without a doubt the most famous line to come out of the movie was, “If you build it, they will come.”

Although this concept may have worked in the movie when Kevin Costner plowed down his corn field and built a baseball field for dead baseball stars, that isn’t going to work when it comes to driving people to your website. It never ceases to amaze me how many clients are truly dumbfounded that their new website isn’t an instant success.  They all seem to share a common mindset … BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME. Ummm no, sorry but it doesn’t work like that.

When you create your website you need to realize that there are millions of people on the Internet. There are also millions of websites and new websites being launched every single day, and your new website is just one more. But how do those millions of people who are on the internet know you created a new website? Did you tell them? Are they supposed to be physic and just magically know you have this new website?

If you create a website you have to tell people about it. It’s really just that simple.

If you build it, they won’t come … not unless you tell them to. People aren’t mind readers. They don’t just magically know you have a new website. You have to get out there and market the hell out of it and tell the world about your new website.

The better you are at telling people about your new website, the more money you’ll make. It really is just that simple.



Build it and they come … right?