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Anchor Text – What it Means To You

Today’s subject for webmasters will be anchor text in links.  So let’s start by understand what anchor text even is.  Anchor text is the text that appears highlighted in a hypertext link and that can be clicked to open the target web page.

And what matters to you is that it’s a very simple and effective way to improve your SEO but often times goes completely overlooked by webmasters.  Let me start by showing you a very simple example …

To see my free Sunny Leone website, click here.

Click here is not that descriptive.  So what would be a better way to do it?

Be sure and visit my free Sunny Leone website.


Or instead of saying click here to see my Briana Banks website you can instead I would say visit my free Briana Banks website.

Belive it or not, search engines like Google aren’t mind readers.   “click here” doesn’t really describe what the link is about.  They don’t just magically know what the page you are trying to send someone to is about unless you tell them so instead when you are making a link, link a phrase that actually tells what you are linking to.  That is the key to success with anchoring text in links.  If you start doing this, even for links within your own website you should start to see a good improvement in terms of SEO with your website.

Click here to see my photos page with blonde babes.


See my photos page with blonde babes.

See how much better that is?  Well the search engines see and they will reward you with more traffic for doing it!

Anchor Text – What it Means To You