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Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

Today I want to start a talk about something known as affiliate marketing. Over the last ten year’s it’s become a big deal in mainstream, but something we in porn have been doing since day one.

It’s a very basic concept, a company pays a person a commission for every sale they make.

For example, if a company like Digital Playground releases a new movie, they would pay someone like me to promote that movie. They would pay me a commission for every sale I made of their new movie.

I would grab a banner about the new movie, in this case, it’s called Meet The Neighbors and post that banner on my website.

Meet The Neighbors from Digital Playground

But how can I make sure I get credit if I post the banner on my website advertising that new movie? Well, the only way is to make sure I use a trackable link. In this case, I’ll be sending my traffic to

The first part of the link tells them where to go and the last part tracks that the person came from my site so if the person buys the movie, I get the credit.

The “offer” from Digital Playground is, they’ll pay me 60% of that sale. So if the person was to go buy that movie, I make 60% of what they spend.

Sounds, simple enough, right?

Well, it gets far more complicated than that but I wanted to make sure you at least understand the very basic concept.

When a company says, hey I’ll pay you to promote (whatever) for us, that is their “offer“. You’ll hear that word “offer” thrown around a lot.

It’s just their way of saying hey I’ll offer you some money to promote my product or service.

Like in the example above, Digital Playground’s “offer” is that they’ll pay me a 60% commission for every sale I make.

They charge a customer $29.99. 60% of that is $17.99. So if I send over 10,000 people and 3 people buy, I just made $53.97.

That also means that 1 out of every 3,333 people made a purchase.  Those numbers aren’t very good. So I have to ask myself, what can I do to make more money with my traffic? I mean what if I could find an “offer” where instead of 1 out of every 3,333 made a purchase, but 1 out of every 500? 

I would make 20 sales instead of just 3, meaning I would make $359.80 instead of just $53.97.

Finding the best offer for your type of traffic is the key to real success in affiliate marketing.

I began working with Vivid Video back in 1998. I was one of their first-ever affiliates. 21 years later I’m still making money with them.

There was a time when I would make 1 sale for every 50 people I sent their way. Then it was 1 sale for every 118 people. Now it’s more like 1 sale for every 881. But still, those numbers aren’t the worst, but they could be better.

The problem isn’t my traffic, in this case, it was that Vivid stopped producing new content so less and less people were interested in buying their movies as they were old and outdated with porn stars that aren’t around anymore.

So I needed to find a new program, one that made new movies with current porn stars. But there are a lot of porn stars out there. So I needed to figure out what porn stars bring my site the most traffic.

If my visitors are fans of blondes with big boobs, what’s the point of promoting to them movies with brunettes with small boobs?

The key to success is finding a product or service that your traffic wants. Yes in my case that product or service is boobies, but hey, in the end it’s all the same. Boobies, Blenders, Tennis Shoes. What the end product is doesn’t really matter. What you care about is finding exactly what your customers need and giving it to them.

And in this case, “customers” means the visitors to my website. You are a visitor to my website. So my job is to find what YOU need and give it to you. 

In this case, since you are reading an article about affiliate marketing, I can assume your desire is to make money on the internet. So now I help you by learning more about how you can make money on the internet. Then suggesting to you, a way to do that is to sign up for a company that will pay you.

So let’s talk about some options for you to make money.

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Or let’s say you create a blog and you post about blondes with big boobies and you need a way to send traffic to someone to make money through their website because you don’t want to create your own. No problem. 

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Affiliate Marketing Made Simple