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So what do I do and who the heck am I? Well, thanks for asking. My name is Kelli Roberts. I am an award nominated producer, webmaster and marketing guru who has worked in the adult industry since August of 1996. During my time in the adult industry I’ve done so much including running a large collection of websites, as well as an adult entertainment strategy consultant, with several well known companies including Cezar Capone, Bluebird Films, Amateur District, Pornstar.com, Gamelink, Adult DVD, Search Extreme, Fleshbot and many more … far to many to list. As an adult entertainment strategy consultant basically means I review a company’s business strategy, marketing plans, including plans for growth and product changes, and then make recommendations for improvements.

If you are looking for Kelli Roberts porn you’ve found it. Well … almost. You’ll really find it at my site Klub Kelli, where I have a massive collection of porn I’ve collected over the years.

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