What is wrong with people?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t understand people sometimes. I was reading a post on my Facebook page where this guy I know who has cheated on every single person he has ever been with in the past 10+ years that I’ve known him is posting and bragging about he believes in karma. Really?

There is this other guy I know who goes on and on about how loyalty is the most important thing to him. Yet amazingly he’s the first person to turn his back on someone who was down and needed him. He couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger to help someone if it wasn’t going to benefit him.

There is this woman I know whose husband is in the Marines stationed in the middle east. His mother and brother started gathering things they needed to send gift boxes to him and his troop. They have sent about $5,000 worth of goodies in the last 3 weeks. The wife found out and was livid because they didn’t go through her or get her approval to do such a thing and is now demanding nobody else send anything else without her permission first. REALLY? What the hell does sending gift bags to the troops have to do with you? Because your stupid whore ass isn’t getting credit. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU BITCH. GET OVER YOURSELF!

Last week there was this woman who goes by the name Voluptuous “name”. The industry didn’t call her that, SHE named herself that. So she posted on a business to business message board looking for someone to help her with marketing and social networking but wanted to make sure they had proven experience. A few people suggested a guy. She posted back that she doesn’t see he has any experience in this area and several people replied in reference of the guy and said this person has experience with big tits as he’s been in the industry working specifically in that niche for years. Obviously her particular niche was big breasts and she herself even goes by the name Voluptuous (whatever). She posts back a horrible tirade about how completely unprofessional these people were. How dare they speak to her in such a manner. Wait … what? I had to re-read all the posts like three times because surely I was missing something. She identifies herself by the big tit genre, she wanted someone with proven experience and this person in question had years of proven experience in that specific genre. She said “My view is we keep wanting to say the adult industry is a business then let’s treat it like one.”

I sat there trying to understand her problem. I still haven’t quite got it. But it was yet another example that made me go WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is email profiling?

I’m sure when you were a kid your mother told you that we are judged by the company we keep. Funny that when we get older we seemed to forget that because we could sure take advantage of that advice in business. Many people don’t seem to realize that appearances are everything and even on the internet there is a matter of appearance. Who hasn’t heard the phrase “put your best foot forward”. So what is one of the first things people know about you in business? Your email address. Right? Well, smart business people have learned to judge people or use something we call email profiling to avoid people they judge not to be that smart in business based solely on that one thing … the email address.

If I ever come across anyone who uses an email address that ends in @aol.com or back in the day @juno.com. My first thought is to avoid them like the plague. If they don’t know enough to get a real email account then they probably aren’t worth my time so I wouldn’t do business with them.

In time we learned the same about @Yahoo and @Hotmail or nowadays @live as well.

There is nothing wrong with having these kind of email services for personal reasons but for business? It’s very unprofessional. It shows someone like me that issues of reliability and security aren’t a priority for you. Or that you can’t be bothered to spend like $5 a month to get a real @YourName.com email address.

So in short that is what email profiling is. If you are using a free email account for business, chances are you are being judged by that and not in a favorable way.

Are you socially networking stupid?

The new millennium has brought us one major change in our lives and that is the introduction to social networking to our lives.  First it was Friendster, then MySpace, then Facebook and now Twitter.

Many speculated social networking with be just a fad but those people would be short sighted as social networking sites like Twitter have become a part of our lives both personally and in business.  Social networking has become some important in business, now even search engine are modifying the way they return results based on things you and your friends tweet.  In business, having a social networking presence is no longer optional, it’s a must have for even the smallest of webmasters to the largest of companies.

Despite the major importance of social networking, so many webmasters really are clueless in how to best use services like Facebook and twitter.  Since Facebook is so anti-porn and randomly and arbitrarily enforces rules and bans pages to porn stars and adult industry professionals, I am going to only concentrate on teaching you how to best use more adult friendly sites like Twitter.

When you own a business it’s usually your first instinct to promote your business every chance you get.  But with social networking sites like Twitter you need to work against that basic instinct to go on and on about how great your site or business is because that is considered spam and can work against you, if not get your account banned.

So how is it then you can use social networking sites like twitter to promote your website?  Easy.  Just by the very nature of your existence.

If you have something remotely interesting to say people are going to click on it and when they do your name appears and under that appears a link to your website.  That means that the more you use twitter, the better you use twitter, the more people will be exposed to your website.   If you watched something interesting on TV or some great movie, talk about it.  Tell what you liked about it.

Is it ever okay to tweet about your website?  Of course!  It’s important that you do for SEO purposes. You should actually do it at least once a week.  But don’t be a spammer.  Trust me.  It will do you more harm than good.  So if you tweet at least once a day then your occasional (no more than weekly) tweets about some great feature of your website won’t really be noticed or a bother.

Be active and tweet often.  Go out of your way to be  a part of the twitter community.  Tweet about things gong on in your life or interesting facts about your life or your industry.  Reply to tweets sent out by porn stars or others you are following.  If someone tweets “GOOD MORNING!” you reply and say “Good morning to you too!”  If you go out to eat talk about what you ate and how it tasted.  In short, tweet about your life.