Know the worth of your traffic

We all know that no matter what kind of site you have, in the end it’s about traffic. Without it, your site is worthless. We all need those all mighty visitors and the more the merrier.

The question is, how much is your traffic worth?

Well it obviously depends on the type of site you have, but in my case, I have a free site, that generates traffic to sale. So knowing the value of my traffic is really important, so that I know how much to sell it for.

Not too long ago I was in need of so I offered up one of my ad spots for $50 a month ($600 for the year). It was really stupid of me to do that because the value of that traffic is much more, but like I said, that particular day I wanted to make a quick $600 for something I needed right away.

I setup the deal with a new website owner but when it came time to pay me, he flaked. That’s not uncommon in our business. I found over the years there are a lot of people who are all talk and this dumb ass was just like the rest of them.

Annoyed and no longer in “need” of the quick cash, I put up an affiliate banner for one of Vivid’s new porno parody movies. In 3 days that ad spot made me $56.40.

Simple fact is, my traffic on that site was high quality, search engine traffic about porn stars – so I sent it to an affiliate program that I knew converted and was about porn stars. In the end I’ll make far more than $50 a month for that traffic than I would have, if I would have taken the other guys money. So that obviously worked out well for me that the other guy flaked.

But how can others know how much their traffic is worth?

That is what this article is really about. I’ll get more into that later though so you know how to classify and calculate your traffic.

I was talking to someone last night about their desire to buy traffic. He commonly does so and can list no less than ten traffic network sites he buys from. I couldn’t help but choke back a laugh when he told me, not surprisingly, they don’t always really convert that well.

I wanted to say, well duh?

But instead I tried to be nice and approach it from a different angle.

If you had a real store, like a grocery store, and had a choice for me to send you 1,000 people or 5 people, which would you prefer?

Obviously most people would say 1,000 right? But a smart person would want to know what kind of people these are.

The 1,000 people are just random people who typically aren’t into buying groceries in stores. But if you pick the 5, you can all but guarantee at least one of the 5 will buy something. Now which would you prefer?

That’s the thing about those traffic networks. They are full of shit ass traffic from places like tube sites. A traffic network valued my ad spot (the one I talked about earlier which made me $56.40 in 3 days) at a value of $2 per month.

Why? Well because they deal with a different kind of traffic. They deal with volume – tube sites have this volume and value based on the number of clicks, not the actual number of people that clicked and then bought. All they care about is how many people they can send to you site. The more people they can send your site, the more that ad is worth. The problem is, the type of traffic they are sending almost rarely converts. So now you have a bunch of traffic, but what’s the point?

So again I have to ask … would you rather have 1,000 random people who will probably not buy a damn thing from you, or 5 guys who are for sure interested in your type of store (site) and most likely 1 of them will buy from you?

Some tube sites are converting their traffic at 1:4500 some at 1:1600 and others don’t convert at 1:30,000 or even 1:60,000.

But you know what I convert at? Well it depends on the affiliate program, but my numbers are typically around 1:150 right now with Vivid Cash.

That means out of every 150 people that I send to Vivid, 1 person buys. That’s because I don’t have shitty ass tube or TGP traffic. I have quality, search engine traffic.

So since my traffic isn’t the same as tube traffic, how do I know how much to value it at, to sell it outright? That’s a great question and one that isn’t always easy.

First you need to really understand the type of traffic you have, not just where you get it from.

In the case of say my Fame Registry website, I know the majority of my traffic comes from search engines. But what TYPE of traffic is it? Well the theme of the website is porn star’s popularity so that means that people who are into porn stars (or popular porn stars) are my type of traffic.

So now I need to find an affiliate program that isn’t scammy (which isn’t always easy but there are some out there) who really focuses on the same thing my site does.

In the case of my Audrey Hollander website, that’s easy. I need to find a quality affiliate program that offers Audrey Hollander content.

Then I run a test and find out how much money that ad spot makes me. Then that becomes the value of my traffic. If I send all of my Audrey Hollander traffic to (whatever) affiliate program, and it makes me $65 a month, then I can sell that same spot to (whoever) for $65 a month, because that is what that spot would have earned me if I would have sent it to an affiliate program.

The only other thing to note is the length. It takes a lot of work to change up ads every month so I have a rule … depending on the site and type of ad, I require a 3 month, 6 month or 1 year commitment. Meaning they must pay for the entire length up front. That saves me the hassle of having to change up banners all the time. When you run as many sites as I do, you’ll learn that can get tiresome.




Just because someone says something, doesn’t make it true

I was once given some very valuable advice, that literally changed the way I approached everything I do in business. The advice was “just because someone said something, doesn’t make it true”. And that most especially applies to the web and SEO.

Even if the person in question is a so called expert. There are any of a variety of reasons why you shouldn’t always believe everything you here.

  • Sometimes people lie. Most especially in our business.
  • Sometimes people heard it from someone else and they heard it wrong or are perhaps missing part of the information.
  • Sometimes the information has changed. So what they told you may have been true before that isn’t the case anymore.
  • Sometimes people are just jackasses and they feel better about themselves if they tell you something you believe. Even if they didn’t really know the answer but hey it sounded good, right?
  • Sometimes information may be true for them for one reason or another, but may not be true for you.

When I stopped taking everything everyone told me at face value, especially in terms of SEO and started doing the research myself I was blown away at the little insightful tidbits that would come to me.

When people tell me things like “but everybody says”, I just smile and say thank you. Because to me it doesn’t really matter what “everybody” says.  I like to do the research and find out for myself. Maybe in the end “everybody” was right about whatever it was I am researching but in the process of trying new things, I could stumble upon something else all together, something I might not have found had I had no been doing the work myself.

It was recently revealed that a so called industry marketing expert that people like XBIZ put on panels to speak and educate the rest of us poor dumb folk, did all of his research by seeing what others had to say. So when his clients hired him to do work or ask him about marketing he would simply relay advice he learned from others.

Kind of sad huh? I mean who is to say that advice is legit? And companies like XBIZ put him on panels and invite him to host seminars to teach the rest of us. Seriously? I can’t tell you how much I lost respect for XBIZ over that one. But that’s another story for another day.

Sometimes you just can’t go with what other people tell you. Just because someone says the sky is purple, doesn’t make it so. Even if that person telling you is a leading industry expert with their own website and everything.

I’m not saying you don’t need to include what other people say as part of your own research. Heck I attend SEO and marketing classes all the time, still, even after being around since 1996. I’m just saying, don’t take everything everyone says as gospel. Unless you have done the research yourself or have seen it with your own eyes, don’t believe it.

Some experts may tell you that the best color for a join page is pink and purple. And hey, maybe for them that really is true. But how do you really know that is true for you, unless you test it out for yourself. Maybe your traffic is quite different than theirs and as a result black and red works better for you. Maybe pink and purple really is the best color, but the point is, you won’t ever really know unless you test it out for yourself.

Stop just taking people’s words for things.

Stop listening to these dumb asses that companies like promotes as experts and puts on their panels. Because trust me when I say, they are no more than expert then you or my left toe are. They only got on the panel as an expert because they asked to be so or in some cases paid for that spot.

Of course it’s okay to look to others when you need help but just remember you don’t have to believe everything people tell you. Even if it sounds totally legit, take anything that anyone in our industry says with the grain of salt.

Example … someone told me they were THE leading expert in SEO. Now if you think about that statement, that’s some pretty big claim. He said he could help me with one of my sites for just a little bit of money, which turned out to be $10,000. He sent me a list of computer generated stats about the problems with the site in question to make it seem like he knew what he was talking about.

So I said, okay show me one of your sites. Since you are such an expert, surely you can show me something you’ve done before. He said something like how his client list is confidential but how in the past he has worked for this company and that company and I could ask this guy from GFY or xbiz or that guy because he knows him.

I wrote him back. So let me get this straight. You claim to be the leading expert in SEO and you don’t have a single website for yourself? Why would you not use this knowledge you have for yourself and make millions? I get you are busy with helping others but I mean come on? Who in their right mind would pass up on the millions of dollars you could be making if you were truly such an expert?

He wrote me back. Because I care about my clients more than I do myself. I just don’t have the time to spend on my own stuff.

Well that leads me to two points. #1 If you are so busy how in the world would you have time for little ‘ole me and #2 if you were making your clients so much money with your services how could not a single one of them snap you up and bring you on full time? That just doesn’t seem logical to me.

Much to no ones surprise, he stopped emailing me. LOL

Now here is the important part of this story. This person is promoted in our industry as an “expert” and he has all his little buddies on the industry message boards saying just as much.

If a person were to take what he said at face value they would be out a lot of money because the only thing he seems to really know how to do is setup email lists and copy and paste a bunch of reports from various SEO tools websites. He claims to have a waiting list that is months long and yet he somehow still has the time to spend hours a day on various industry message boards instead of actually doing any work for those supposed clients.

So consider today’s boring and long post a lesson learned in life  …

Just because someone says something, doesn’t make it true





Build it and they come … right?

In 1989 Hollywood produced a movie starring Kevin Costner called “Field of Dreams”. Without a doubt the most famous line to come out of the movie was, “If you build it, they will come.”

Although this concept may have worked in the movie when Kevin Costner plowed down his corn field and built a baseball field for dead baseball stars, that isn’t going to work when it comes to driving people to your website. It never ceases to amaze me how many clients are truly dumbfounded that their new website isn’t an instant success.  They all seem to share a common mindset … BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME. Ummm no, sorry but it doesn’t work like that.

When you create your website you need to realize that there are millions of people on the Internet. There are also millions of websites and new websites being launched every single day, and your new website is just one more. But how do those millions of people who are on the internet know you created a new website? Did you tell them? Are they supposed to be physic and just magically know you have this new website?

If you create a website you have to tell people about it. It’s really just that simple.

If you build it, they won’t come … not unless you tell them to. People aren’t mind readers. They don’t just magically know you have a new website. You have to get out there and market the hell out of it and tell the world about your new website.

The better you are at telling people about your new website, the more money you’ll make. It really is just that simple.



Don’t be a Social Networking Spammer

Social media is about being social, not about spamming your friends and followers. This is something that a lot of people just don’t seem to get.  If you follow the rules of etiquette when using social networking sites, you might just find that you’ll actually have far better results than you would by being a spammer.

I want you to think about this … if you were to go to a mixer at your local Chamber of Commerce, would you wear a big sign around your neck that promotes your website? Of course not and you shouldn’t do it on Twitter or Facebook.


don't spam twitter


Don’t use automated direct messages to promote your website.  First and foremost, they are against the Twitter Terms of Service and have been known to cause a high ratio of un-follows.

Don’t start sending direct messages to your followers unless you really know them. If you want to thank them for following you then send it in an @tweet. If also helps to make it personal so you don’t look like a twitter bot. Say something like Hey @MissKelliXXX thanks for following me, really appreciate it. Now to the next guy say something like Thanks for following me @FameRegistry. Love your site. Now you are engaging your followers in a conversation and that is what social networking is about.

By using social networking sites int he way they are supposed to, you actually might generate interest from people – real people. They click your name and you know what they see? A link to your website and chances are because they are interested in you, they will click your link to your site.

The other side of that coin is, you could spam your new followers, annoy them and eventually they just stop following you or even worse, enough of them report you for spam tweets and then you lose your account.

Did you know there are groups of people dedicated to nothing but enforcing anti-spam rules on social networking sites? They are internet vigilantes and they are quite dedicated when it comes to going after people they deem a twitter account nothing more than spam.

So here are some basic “guidelines” to follow … you should have a 1:10 ratio of tweets. This means that you should have a minimum of 10 real tweets (text with no links at of all of kind) for every 1 tweet that includes a link.

So if you want to tweet out a promo to your website once a day, that means you’ll need to tweet about 10 other things first. It doesn’t really matter what those things are, as long as they are engaging to your users and don’t include links to anything else.

So what are some things you can tweet?

  • Tweet hello or good night.
  • Reply to other people’s tweets.  If they ask questions, try and answer them. If they say good morning, say good morning back.
  • Tweet a thank you to someone or something. ie: I so love @Pepsi. Nothing wakes me up in the morning more than an ice cold @Pepsi.
  • Ask for help or advice about something. ie: The new iphone.
  • Tweet happy birthday messages to your favorite porn stars or celebs.
  • Tweet tips about something you are knowledgeable in. Just remember to talk like a human – make sure your tweets don’t make you sound like an auto-tweeting bot.
  • Ask questions that require an answer more than a yes or a no.
  • Conduct a poll. Ie: Do you like blondes, brunettes or red heads?
  • Tell a funny or interesting story. It make take you a few tweets but that’s okay to do sometimes.
  • Did you eat something great? Tweet out the recipe.
  • Tweet interesting facts.
  • Compliment someone’s profile or avatar for a person who follows you.

Just remember that you have two main goals … #1 Is to tweet text without any links. You want to save your links to tweet about your website. #2 Your goal is to be engaging. The more interesting your tweets are the more people will comment or re-tweet them and that will help you even more.













Who are the top Adult News Websites?

Those who have known me for awhile know I’m a total stats freak and I love running reports based on various data. Today we are going to do just that for all of those adult news sites out there like Luke Ford and AVN.

I know people poo poo for the simple fact that their stats are pretty inaccurate and it’s easy to manipulate the rankings. And while that may be true, no public source of data is ever going to be perfect or 100% accurate. Still, it’s all we have so based on Alexa alone, who are the top “adult news” websites? As of October 07, 2013 these are the top 15 adult news sites based solely on their Alexa ranking. Interestingly enough XBIZ beats out AVN, not in major terms but still, with AVN’s advantage of AGE I would have though they would have been much higher than XBIZ. (Site name (Alexa ranking) + or – increase or decrease in ranking)

  1. XBIZ (12,194) +15,379
  2. AVN (17,365) +11,672
  3. Fleshbot (22,148) 1,468
  4. Mike South (23,282) +53,907
  5. Adult FYI (29,948) +39,558
  6. Tony Batman (32,717) +9,904
  7. YNOT (34,730) +69,768
  8. Lukeisback (65,118) +44,116
  9. Xcritic (95,991) 4,146
  10. Naked News (110,343) 14,085
  11. Luke Ford (190.599) +99,936
  12. World-Sex-News (290,893) +479,255
  13. AInews (391,531) +334,016
  14. The Floating World (401,963) +251,253
  15. Gramponante (428,164) +81,690

Of the top 15, which sites have had the biggest drops in ranking?

  1. Naked News They are down 14,085
  2. Xcritic They are down 4,146
  3. Fleshbot They are down 1,468


Now let’s look at the site’s bounce rank. A bounce rank means how many people hit the site and then just “bounce” out of there, meaning it judges actual retention of the visitor itself. The idea is, if a person hits your site and then just bounces out of there then your site isn’t what they wanted to see, so the better your bounce rate, the better quality your site is (in theory). With the average bounce rate being 50% anything better than 50% (less = better) then the better.

So which of the top 15 have the best bounce rates?

  1. Tony Batman (32,717) +9,904 – 9% bounce rate
  2. The Floating World (401,963) +251,253 – 15.80% bounce rate
  3. Adult FYI (29,948) +39,558 – 20.70% bounce rate
  4. AInews (391,531) +334,016 – 25.70% bounce rate
  5. Naked News (110,343) – 14,085 – 43.50% bounce rate

Here are the bounce rates of all the sites in order of overall popularity


  1. XBIZ 56.80% bounce rate
  2. AVN 47.40% bounce rate
  3. Fleshbot 45.20% bounce rate
  4. Mike South 59.70% bounce rate
  5. Adult FYI 20.70% bounce rate
  6. Tony Batman 9% bounce rate
  7. YNOT 60.40% bounce rate
  8. Lukeisback 62% bounce rate
  9. Xcritic 56% bounce rate
  10. Naked News 43.50% bounce rate
  11. Luke Ford 51.20% bounce rate
  12. World-Sex-News 96.50% bounce rate
  13. AInews 25.70% bounce rate
  14. The Floating World 15.80% bounce rate
  15. Gramponante 67% bounce rate





More ads don’t equal more money

In my book ( I talk about placing an appropriate number of ads on a web page.  Apparently I wasn’t clear on the subject because some people think much like the state of Texas does and consider bigger is always better.  But you know what?  They are wrong.

I had an experienced webmaster contact me after he read about the release of my book.  he told me that he purchased it and read it from cover to cover and that pretty much he had been doing all that I said in my book but he was still struggling to make any money from his website.

I asked him for his website address so that I can take a look.  While it is true he had followed some of what I said, he did have one glaring mistake. On the first page of his website he had not 1 or or even 3 or 4 ads.  He had 12.  TWELVE ADS ON A SINGLE PAGE!

Why is that a bad thing?  There are 3 main reasons really …

  1. It clutters the page. To much confusion on a page design is a bad thing.   A bad design also lowers surfer trust.  So that means they are also less likely to spend money on anything because they trust you less.
  2. It makes the page load slower.    Slower loading pages means you have a higher bounce rate and it hurts your overall SEO efforts.
  3. To many outgoing links can cause search engines like Google to give you SEO penalties which could then cause you to get less traffic in the first place.

I get that you want to make money with your website, I really do but throwing everything including the kitchen sink at your website isn’t going to help you do that.  Limit your total number of ads per page to 1 or 2.  Not 5 or 6, not 12 — ONE OR TWO.

Then focus your efforts on making your site better.  The higher quality your site is, the more likely your surfers will be to click on your ads because now they trust your site more.


Should a performer blog?

Someone asked me a very interesting question today and that was …. “Why do porn stars blog?  Does it even matter?  Does it really even help them in any way?”  Not really all that surprising to anyone with even the slightest knowledge in PR the answer is a big fat HELL YES IT MATTERS.

And here is the simple reason why …. the more things you do that draw positive attention to yourself, the more fans you are likely to gain. The more fans you have the more people want ot see your work.  The more people want ot see your work the more producers are likely to sell of your product and let’s be real in the end what we are producing is a PRODUCT and that product is about making money so the more product you can move the more money they make the more likely they are to want to hire you because the more money you can make them.  See how all that works?

So that means if you setup a blog and start posting pictures and stories about your life, that’s great and the more you do it, the more “traffic” you will generate which is just another way of saying, the more fans will see your blog.  And that is how the cycle begins.  A small blog who maybe sees one or two posts a week might get 100 or 200 visitors a day, which is a few thousand fans a month.  Someone who blogs more often and does much longer posts (the longer posts almost always generate more traffic) can get around 1,000 to 5,000 visitors in a single day and that is really your goal … the target you want to reach in terms of generating traffic.  If your blog is generating as much as 1 to 5k “unique” visitors a day then that gives you bargaining power with producers because then you have reached a point where everything you say has a deep impact to potential consumers of their product.  But that’s really another story for another day.

“I tweet is that enough?”  No it’s not.  A blog is a very different thing than a twitter account and while it is true you can post pictures and communicate with fans via twitter, it doesn’t generate “traffic” for you (your brand) in the same way that a blog would or does.  Twitter, while a very important part of your overall marketing strategy, is really designed for the here and now, short snippets of your life … hi, hello … on the set, going to get ice cream.  While a blog is meant for more in-depth conversations.

So long story short, yes every porn star should blog – that means every one of you … it doesn’t matter how famous you are or wished you were, the new guys and the more seasoned performers …. every means all of you.

Any legitimate performer with more than 5,000 followers on twitter who wants help setting up a blog (for free) can click the contact me link on my site and I’ll help them.  I will help you for free.  All you have to promise to do is actually use it.  It’s super duper easy to blog.  If you can tweet you can blog.  It’s beyond simple.  Promise.

So there, now you have no excuse not to be blogging because I will help you setup one for free.

So what should you write about?  Really anything that comes to mind.  Some girls talk about their favorite shoes while others go into details about sports teams they love.  Blog posts are really just stories like you post on twitter only longer.  They can be as long as you want them to be.  You can tell about how you were on the way to the set and got lost but found this store with awesome lipstick.  Your fans don’t really care what you blog about, they just want to get to know more about you and the more you tell them, the more fans you will get.