Google reminds us not to be naughty!

Anyone who runs a website quickly learns the power of traffic from search engines like Google. It’s free, targeted and that means it typically converts well. So we work hard to get more traffic from Google or other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Now imagine one day you wake up and all of that traffic is just gone. Sadly that really does happen sometimes. And yes it can happen to you too.

In fact not to long ago, I had a client who lost as much as 50% of their traffic over the last year and every month it continues to drop even more. They were down over 500,000 unique visitors a day. Can you imagine loosing that much search engine traffic? There were a few different reasons that site was having problems but one in particular was that they didn’t believe the Google rules and guidelines applied to them.

Google lists off things they don’t like and no I’m not talking about SEO here. There isn’t an issue of search engine optimization. This is an issue of following the rules or “guidelines” as Google calls them.

Google says they don’t allow you to create fake doorway pages or automatic redirects. They don’t want you to have a low quality site that offers nothing unique from other sites already out there.

In other words, say you and your friend both create a website dedicated to porn star Jenna Jameson. If your site is exactly the same as the other Jenna Jameson website, what value does it add? You need to do something to make your site truly unique and different from the other. Putting up a website with 27 photos you got from an affiliate program is a violation of the Google TOS and in theory you can have your site banned from Google or de-indexed (removed from the Google search engine all together). Although a de-index isn’t officially a “ban” it does mean that all of the traffic you used to get from Google is now gone! Overnight all that traffic is gone.

Now that scenario is something you did on purpose – you knowingly created a website in that way. But did you know there are some webmasters out there who don’t even realize they are in violation?

Recently it was revealed that many website owners who used a popular traffic program got their sites removed from Google (de-indexed). Some people lost as much as 35,000 to 50,000 visitors a day – poof! All overnight and without warning. They checked out their entire site and they didn’t seem to be doing anything wrong on their own and it took a lot of work to figure out what happened.

So let me tell you the story so you can see just how easy it is to mess up without even realizing you’ve done anything wrong.

You’ve been working hard and are finally getting some traffic to your website. Great. But you aren’t really making a lot of money, at least not as much as you think you should be earning. So you hear about a traffic program that pays you for your traffic and you sign up for an account. They say they will pay you weekly. Sounds great, right? They are going to pay you to sell your clicked traffic, mobile redirects or popunders. You add the code they give you to your pages, so they can track how much traffic you send them and you actually start making some money. Sounds great so far, right?

Only without realizing it, you just violated Google’s rules. Remember Google said they don’t allow automated redirects. That falls under the quality guidelines of “Don’t deceive your users” and according to some it also violates the cloaking rule. Basically that means the search engine visits the site and gets different results than if a user visited the site. If a user visits that site on their cell phone, then the script would automatically redirect them to the advertisers website.

I’ve been hearing a lot of “But everyone is doing it so why am I getting punished?” To that I just have to say what my mother did when I was a little girl … If everyone jumped off of a bridge would you do it too? What I’m trying to say is that you need to be careful about what you do and who you do business with.

Just because 100 or even 10,000 other people are getting away with violating Google’s rules doesn’t mean that you can get away with it too. It’s not a matter of IF you will get caught, only WHEN.

So just remember that before you start doing business with another company or add your link to some website, or install some software, make sure you think about all the potential ramifications. Because it could very well cost you more than you bargained for.


Update / Clarification: Mobile redirection does not mean a website owner redirecting mobile users to a mobile version of their own site. Obviously that is a very acceptable use of automatic redirection. Google’s punishment of those using mobile redirection are those people who automatically redirect traffic to other sites / advertisers. ie: A person searches for Jenna Jameson and goes to The website owner of then automatically redirects all traffic from Germany to (making up these things here as an example). That is the kind of naughty redirection I am talking about. Google’s guidelines state it as “Redirecting is the act of sending a visitor to a different URL than the one they initially requested.”

So while I get that some people will pay for your foreign traffic or your mobile traffic and ask you to install a script to automatically redirect that traffic to them, it is technically a violation of Google’s rules and when you get caught it can cause your entire website to get de-indexed or even worse, banned. Do you really want to risk that?



The Pretense of Love

I am uniquely qualified to write about this subject matter because as I female I have spent the last 18 years in the adult industry and in the last year alone, read over 100 contemporary romance novels. All in the name of good research mind you.

Most people will agree than men and woman are different. I think that’s an obvious overstated fact. Men are visual and therein lies the difference between girl porn (romance novels) and real porn (erotic videos).

This is more than just fantasy versus reality. So what is the main difference? What’s makes girl porn completely acceptable with society and yet what we do, make it come to life in the movies a big fat no no? First we need to look at the difference between girl porn and real porn.

The obvious answer to the main difference between girl and boy porn is that is that men are visual and they like to see the sex acted out before them. So instead of reading about how 7 girls got it on they watch a video called Where The Boy’s Aren’t 19. Whereas with girl porn, they don’t want it thrown in their face. That makes it “dirty”. Instead they want to use their imagination.

That’s what most people think. But I say they are wrong. Well partly.

The men part is probably true, but with women that’s not it at all. It took me awhile to get it but after reading a book called “It Had To Be You”, but Jill Shalvis. The whole book was so full of total and complete bullshit. In real life that would never have played out in the way that it did in her book.

But romance novels aren’t meant to be like real life. That is what makes them so wildly popular. In the book the main character wasn’t a trashy whore for sleeping with some guy she just met. After like two weeks they fell madly in love, he ditched his great job and moved to be with her and they lived happily ever after.

And that’s when it hit me. That’s the real difference between a romance novel and a porn. Romance novels allow you to be a trashy whore because there is always the pretense of love. It’s okay to be a slut, if you do it in the name of love.

It’s okay to sleep with a guy you just met 5 minutes ago in the storage room while the entire town is in the other room at a charity auction you organized because there is the pretense of love.

It’s not you being a dirty whore, it’s that this guy is different. There is some imaginary force drawing you to this guy and making you do things you wouldn’t normally do. That destiny has drawn the two of you together, under the guise of mystical and magical love.

For men it’s not so complicated.  Men don’t need a plot. Men don’t need a story. Men don’t need a reason. They want to see a hot girl buck ass naked getting it on with, whoever or whatever. They don’t really care most times. It could be with another girl, five other men all at the same time. or a carrot.

So what makes girl porn perfectly acceptable in society and what we do, bringing those naughty stories to life on film, not acceptable?

As I’ve said at the start, I’m spent the last 18 years in the adult industry. I started in August of 1996. I know every aspect of our business when it comes to the kind of films we make and the fantasy behind the movie magic. I’ve also read a whole heck of a lot of romance novels … the very books that are celebrated in publications like the New York Times and on sites like Amazon. Giving them awards and titles like “Best Selling Author”.

Yet some of those romance novels are far more down and dirty than anything we’ve ever put on film. Some of those books are down right fucked up and quite a few include themes of rape. Something that in our industry, we would never tolerate and if we tried to make a movie about a guy who forces a girl into sex we would find our happy little asses in jail.

They politely call it “past the point of no return”. But we all know in porn there is no past the point, if a girl says no, then a girl says no. Period. It doesn’t matter what point you are at or how turned on you are.

Yet those kind of books are completely acceptable in polite society, whereas what we do is horrible and should all burn in hell for it. For “IT” … it, being a visual depiction of the very thing that they read about every single day in their good girl little romance books.

Funny how society is like that. They say it, and we show it.  But when we show it, we don’t do so under the pretense of love. And that alone is what makes what we do “dirty” and unacceptable.

But you know what? I’m okay with that.

I would rather be a dirty honest whore than a delusional fucking hypocrite.



A Secret To Making Some Money on the Side

So you’ve worked hard, created a fabulous website or two or ten and now your sites are finally getting some traffic, great. But now what? Some of the affiliate programs you signed up with have been sucking balls. That happens and luckily there are thousands more to choose from. But there are other alternatives.

Sure not meant to be a single source of revenue, but if done right, it could bring in a pretty penny.

Many years ago there was a man named Don Lapre, who was infamous for his infomercials. In 1992, he began marketing a money making secrets program which long and short of it was, put together a packet of information that people wanted. It didn’t really matter what that information was, as long as someone could find use of it. He then would market those in the classified ads of his local newspaper for sale. He found a booklet that worked, then fine tuned a classified ad that also worked. That single classified ad didn’t need to make him a lot of money, just show a profit. And when he found that right ad he would then blast that same classified ad in not just that one newspaper but hundreds or even thousands. So now instead of making a little bit of money from one single ad, he was making a little bit of money from a whole hell of a lot of them. His first one that the was offering was a 36-page booklet explaining how to recover a Federal Housing Administration insurance refund after paying off a home mortgage.

To be clear Don Lapre was a scam artist who would go on to lie, cheat and scam a whole hell of a lot of people out of millions of dollars before eventually killing himself. But that isn’t really the point of this story. What he turned into doesn’t mean his original original, basic concept didn’t have some merit and if done right, could mean a lot of extra pocket money for you.

Times have changed since the days of Don Lapre. Now instead of producing a little booklet or pamphlet of information, with technology anyone can produce an eBook with ease.

The title of this article is “A Secret To Making Some Money on the Side“. I call it a secret because in the adult industry, it really seems to be. But not in mainstream. Oh heck no. In mainstream it’s extremely common. It’s insane how many people in mainstream are pumping out these little e-books with gems of helpful information on every single topic you can think of and then some.

One lady wrote a little eBook about herbs and that will reduce the effects of aging, while another guy wrote one about some tricks and tips he learned about buying fishing lures. Another book is about dog shows and another 300 or so about all kinds of technology related issues including secrets to blogging, and so on. Really what you write about doesn’t matter. All that you need to worry about is if the information you provide is actually honest and of use to someone. The better your eBook is, the more money you will probably make so do keep that in mind, but don’t obsess about it having to be the best ever. It’s a stupid little eBook. You aren’t exactly writing a Pulitzer prize winning novel.

Now when you create your eBook and publish through Amazon, you can then make money by promoting it from your websites. So now you can take some of that traffic you’ve been building off and siphon it off and send it that way.

If you have horrible grammar or can’t spell, don’t worry. There are very simple alternatives. The first thing you want to do is complete your book. What the subject matter is or how long it is, well that’s up to you. Write a book about porn and astrology or food that is proven to really make you horny not just the old wives tales out there. Write a book with tips on how to pick up porn stars or women in Vegas.

Once you’ve done that I will tell you the best secret someone ever told me about editing …. LISTEN. Download a TTS (text to speech) program on your iphone. The one I use is called Voice Dream. I like it because it has a bunch of voice options and lets me download files from my Google drive. There however are a bazillion TTS apps out there, so just pick whatever one you like best. Now download your completed manuscript, close your eyes and just listen to it being read back to you. Hearing your words read back to you will help you find really stupid mistakes you didn’t even realize you had made. Fix those and you are on to your final editing step.

Now go to a site like Grammarly. You don’t want to miss this step, trust me on that one. Grammarly is an automated proofreader and a must have for anyone looking to release an eBook. But it’s more than just a spell checker like you find in your word processing programs. It checks your spelling, grammar and even checks it against a really in-depth database for possible signs of plagiarism. You don’t want to release your eBook without first running it through a check with this website.Grammarly

Grammarly will take what you’ve done and help you improve it and make it ready for release. If you really wanted to get all fancy you could take the next step and hire an editor from sites like Freelancer or ODesk or hell even Fiverr, but those options can be expensive. It runs about $5 per 3000 words on Fiverr and about $.01 a word on sites like FreeLancer or ODesk. Just keep in mind that you want to work on a budget. This isn’t a project that is going to get a big return on your investment if you start spending a lot of money. A site like Grammarly will keep your big spelling and grammar mistakes in check so that should be enough to publish your eBook, get it on Amazon and start pushing traffic to it from your websites.

If you aren’t sure about using the automated book cover creator you can go to a site like, search “flyer” and just use one of those templates. You can license pretty girl photos from a variety of sources including,, or for adult industry specific images check out adult film star content.




A Walk in the Woods – My Book Cover Revealed

I’ve never been a person who does well with sitting ideally by in between projects. So lately I’ve been putting the finishing touches on an erotic fiction novel called A Walk in the Woods.

The story is about a married couple named Richard and Elana. They are planning a road trip down historic route 66 and then a week long camping trip at Palo Duro Canyon State Park. They call it the Grand Canyon of Texas, which is 30,000 acres of canyon carved out over the last million years. They couple will be going on their trip with friends Trevor and Samantha. Samantha works with Elana. Trevor they’ve only recently met. He lives next door, recently renting out the spare room from their neighbors.


The book will be released in a few weeks and will be available as both paperback and an e-book in the popular formats including Amazon Kindle, Barns and Noble’s Nook format and through Google play. The book will fall under the Fiction / Romance / Erotic Fiction category.

I’ll have more information on the release of the book in the near future but for now I have the cover graphic.  What do you think?

This book will be available from Amazon first as an eBook, then about a week later on paperback, then within a few weeks later on iTunes and Barnes and Noble, etc. … it takes a long time to get it at the other stores. Amazon however is crazy fast. I’m really impressed with their speed. Anywho … You can check it out at Amazon by clicking here.


Old cover – the rough draft of the old cover that is

A Walk in the Woods by Kelli Roberts

What a good site is worth

You hear people talking all of the time about the value of a great domain name but surprisingly not many people really get it.  So when I came across this article from Inc. Magazine I just knew I had to share it with you all.  I knew this would help explain so perfectly why a single website, with a great name and the right idea can be huge and that anyone can do it.  Well anyone who can get their hands on one of the few parked gems out there like this guy did. 🙂

If you are curious what your domain name is worth and don’t want to buy a professional appraisal you can always use these automated domain name valuation tools just for fun.  They aren’t exactly 100% accurate but they are free and do give you some general idea if you have something of interest.


What a Killer Domain Name Is Really Worth

[source] Serial entrepreneur Jesse Stein bought the domain for $12,500 and turned it into a $19.5 million retail business.

When Jesse Stein first purchased in 2006, it wasn’t much more than a parked domain with sponsored links netting its previous owner a couple hundred dollars a month. In just six years Stein turned it into a recognized retail brand with more than 450,000 products from across 13 sports–taking in $19.5 million in 2012 and earning a three-year growth rate of 270 percent.

Indeed, his Coral Gables, Florida-based is one of the companies vying for a spot on the 2013 Inc. 5000. As applications arrive, we thought it would be worthwhile to shine a spotlight on some of these fast-growing private companies.

Stein, a serial entrepreneur and Wharton graduate, was inspired to buy the domain after attending a Las Vegas conference that suggested there was money to be made in e-commerce sites with “category killing” domain names. Stein began pursuing some 200 category-defining domain names–such as hobbies, biking, and–with the hopes of turning the ones that showed potential into e-commerce empires. was the first one of these killer domains that looked promising, so Stein purchased it for $12,500 and set about transforming it into a fully functioning website where customers could buy authentic, signed sports paraphernalia.

“I bought it and then realized that I know absolutely nothing about sports–and that was going to be a serious problem,” says Stein, who brought on Stefan Tesoriero as CEO and became the non-executive chairman of Tesoriero had extensive sports marketing experience with the New York Islanders.

“I’ve always had this policy of hiring people who are much more talented than I am and then stepping out of the way,” Stein says. “So I gave a very significant slice of the equity to the top 10 executives, and basically said, ‘Guys, this is your business now. Run with it.'”

Stein realized that his competitors in the sports memorabilia industry had not yet woken up to the reality of the Internet, and with background in SEO, he instructed Tesoriero that the first step for the company was Google-rank dominance over its competitors. But rather than pursuing the typical metadata strategy, the company went for something more organic.

“We started the company by creating content that was meant for actual human consumption–not just stuff that was meant for Google,” Tesoriero says. “We researched the memorabilia industry and wrote articles on the various nuances of collecting and athletes. I conducted a lot of interviews with fan sites about products, players, and what people were looking for at the time. People starting linking to our content and Google started to give us credit and rank us accordingly.”

During this process, the company began building relationships with vendors and producers of signed memorabilia–something that Stein said came very easily with such a category-defining name. would index the inventories of their vendors on their website, and the company and the vendor would get a cut with each purchase.

In 2011, the company began purchasing and storing its own merchandise in-house. But Stein says that, where its competitors get obsessed with athletes and memorabilia culture, makes its purchases based off of complex forecasting analytics. For example, it’ll buy and store say 50 signed Kobe Bryant basketballs for the first quarter of the year because its algorithm has predicted that 50 is the most likely quantity the company will sell in that given timeframe.

“The trouble with our competition is that they fall in love with the athletes and the memorabilia and it clouds their vision,” Stein says. “We’re removed; we’re totally agnostic. We’re based in Florida, but we love the Lakers just as much as we love the Heat.”

Interesting Porn Blog Fact

Porn blogs are all the rage.  100s of new porn related blogs go up every single day and it’s understandable since if it’s done right, a good blog can earn you some nice pocket change each month.  But before you run out and start your own, you might want to stop for just a moment and read the fine print of the site you are thinking of blogging on.  Case in point … blogger.  While it’s a great blogging service, in that it’s free, easy to use and can give your other sites a SEO boost, did you know they don’t allow blogs for the purpose of financial gain?

In other words, any porn blog that is started on blogger can get deleted at any time, without warning so all of that hard work was for not. hosted blogs, same thing only even more so since blogger will allow a limited amount of adult content within reason and as long as there is no clear intention of commercial gain, while wordpress apparently doesn’t like any sign of it for any reason on their free hosted blog service.

Now here is the thing …. this also means that any of your competitors or someone you’ve pissed off can also contact Google or WordPress and report your blog and chances are, it will get removed.   Trust me when I say, Google isn’t half as friendly as people tend to think they are when it comes to porn.

So just keep that in mind the next time you want to start an adult blog.


How to start a porn blog

So you want to start your own porn blog but you don’t know where to start?  Well then my friend you have come to the right place.  This article is going to discuss in detail every step you need to take to start your own website and get this …


Before we get started though let me be clear about something … I don’t pretend to know everything.  What I teach you in just my attempt to share with you some things I’ve learned in the last 16 years in the industry.  I have no doubt there are other things you can do and that’s great if you come up with them.  This really is just meant as a simple template you can follow to start your first porn blog and make a few bucks with it.   Now let’s begin!

Before you even begin you need to decide what your site is going to be about.  You need a very specific niche or theme for your site.  Some examples of a good theme would be like blondes with big tits or brunettes with blue eyes or porn stars with natural boobies.  In this case, our sample blog is going to be called red headed hookers.  Your “theme” or “niche” is going to be red headed hookers and this means that you need to head over to godaddy and register your domain name.  Your domain name should include your keywords.  Ideally you would want but chances are someone else already owns this domain name so try and find a variation like .info or .net maybe or use dashes like red-headed-hookers.  The idea here is to try and get a domain name that includes your desired keywords or “theme” / “niche”.  Red Headed Hookers is just one niche or theme idea.  Your blog should be something that you like.  Some other examples could be like blonde lesbians or hookers in heals or porn stars with natural breasts.

Your keywords for this pretend sample blog (red headed hookes) aren’t exactly high volume but that’s okay.  By high volume, I mean the number of times per day someone google’s the keyword phrase “red headed hookers”.   This is your starter blog so don’t worry about the low volume of searchers.  Your goal here is to learn from this experience.  You aren’t going into this expecting to make $100k a year with this one blog.  This blog should (if done right) make you a few hundred bucks a month.  But you can take what you learned from this blog and make even more with your next blog!

So moving on, now you have your domain name and went on over to webair and signed up for your hosting account.  You logged into your control panel and clicked the install wordpress button (oh yes it is that easy).

Now that you have wordpress installed you have a few plugins that you want to get.  The first two are for security reasons.  There are a lot of wordpress users out there so they make a ton of great plugins but there are also a lot of jack asses out there who will go out of their way to try and hack your site too so that being said, click plugins, then add new and search for wp-firewall and you’ll find one called “WordPress Firewall 2“, now install it.  Next find one called block bad queries, now install the one called Block Bad Queries (BBQ).  With those two plugins installed and activated you can now search for one called yoast.  When you search plug-ins for yoast you’ll see a problem called WordPress SEO by Yoast.  This is the one you want to install.  This program will help you great when it comes to SEO for your new blog.


So now you have the basics down.  We’ll just assume you found a theme you like and now it’s time to find some affiliate programs so you can make money.  Since in our sample we are going with the theme of red headed hookers we will want to find affiliate programs.  Since most affiliate programs will have red headed chicks in some way or another, it shouldn’t be to hard to find a few you like.  Red Light District should have some, Premium Cash … those are two good ones to start with.  I would say Vivid Cash but really their people are so beyond rude, it’s not worth dealing with them  until they learn to have some better manners. 😛

Now before moving on, I’ll tell you a little secret ….. while website related affiliate programs are a must, you don’t want to overlook a good movie store affiliate program.  Go head on over to Gamelink now and sign up for an account.  People are so busy talking about how movie sales are down, so many many stopped promoting DVD sales all together but that’s a big mistake because while it may be true movie sales have dropped, they aren’t gone all together and that means you have less competition in this area and it’s a great source of extra cash.

Now we are actually going to make our first post with your gamelink affiliate link (because it is easiest to explain).

Let’s go on over to the gamelink website (we will assume you’ve already signed up for their affiliate program and have your affiliate ID.  Now use their search for Audrey Hollander.  Now find a movie that you like, starring her with Audrey on the cover.  I picked the first on that came up which is Audrey Hollander Cock Star.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the end of the link make sure YOUR affiliate id is listed. See how mine ends with ref=klubeklli? Well in your case klubkelli should be replaced with YOUR gamelink affiliate ID.

Now what do you write about?  Really you could make your first pots about anything.  You can describe the movie.  But since you haven’t seen it, then do your best to talk about it.   The more UNIQUE text you can write about this movie, the better.  Write anything you can think of about it.  Sure you can list the given description and cast but don’t just leave it at that.  The more you type, the better.  Search engines LOVE TEXT.  So for example purposes, here is what I wrote up for the post. AGAIN THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE.



Audrey Hollander Cock Star

Over the years Audrey Hollander has starred in many great movies and Audrey Hollander Cock Star is no different.  Audrey Hollander stuffs every hole to the breaking point and beyond with massive cocks in this all out masterpiece of her sexual depravity! She sucks and fucks even more random degenerates than usual!   Audrey Hollander is in every scene and this DVD lasts for almost 2 hours!  Audrey Hollander Cock Star was first released in May of 2010 and directed by Jim Powers.


Audrey Hollander Cock Star Audrey Hollander Cock Star

[DVD] or [VOD]

My loving husband Otto Bauer asked me to write you this thank you note, He was so excited when you called to book me for this movie. He said I would have to stretch my mouth, pussy and asshole further and wider than I ever had before and that I’d need to rock and suck even more random degenerates than usual, but that he was going to be paid handsomely for my efforts. He used most of the money to buy a new camper top for his truck and like 6 cases of beer Otto says that when he traded a motor for a 1972 pickup truck for a bottle of whiskey to my dad in exchange for me. It was one of the best investments of his life. He’s very sweet and good to me you guys are awesome. Thank you!  Thank You! -XOXO, Audrey & Otto

  • Scene 1:  Audrey Hollander with the fuck machine
  • Scene 2:  Audrey Hollander with Otto Bauer
  • Scene 3:  Audrey Hollander with Anthony Hardwood
  • Scene 4:  Audrey Hollander with Rick Masters

I checked and AVN didn’t rate this movie which was really to bad.  I’m sure with all the anal sex Audrey does in this movie it would have gotten a great ass rating.

Audrey Hollander is one of my favorite porn stars.  She never fails to please.  There is just nothing she won’t do.  While it is true she is best known for her wild and crazy anal but that’s not all she does.  Just after this movie was released she was nominated for AVN’s Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene for the work she did in the movie Hocus Pocus XXX where she was in a lesbian orgy with Nikki Benz, Eva Angelina, Sunny Leone, Kiara Diane and Madelyn Marie.

[DVD] or [VOD]


And after making your post don’t forget the yoast part!  Remember every single post you make needs to have a unique title and other relevant requested YOAST information filled out.


I realize it’s not always easy coming up with something to say, especially about a movie you’ve never seen but it’s important to try. The more you can say in your post the more traffic your site will attract from search engines which translates into, the more original things you can think to say in your posts, the more money your blog is going to make.

All to often when people make a porn blog what they do is post a single picture or two from a photo set, use one line to say who is in the pic and then link to the free hosted gallery for that set.  Then those people wonder why their blog isn’t doing so well.

It’s because search engines don’t give a poo about images, they want text text text and more text!  Sure posting pictures is great, but you really have to get in there and describe the image or use the image to talk about something else all together.  Talk about sexual positions or how girls with really big boobs makes your horny baby!  The point is, TALK.  You always want to include as much text as possible for every single post.  While I realize that isn’t always easy, if you can do that, you will by far have a far more successful blog than most people.

Every week Gamelink produces a top selling movie list.  Talk about a great resource to make a post about.  You can take the top few movies, list them off as the best selling movies of the week but then talk a little about each one.  The more you have to say about each movie listed and the people who star in that movie, the better.

You don’t have to just talk about movies either.  What about porn stars?  You could take a photo of a porn star from a free hosted gallery and post it (then link to the gallery with your affiliate link) and then type up a long post about how you think legs are more attractive than butts.

You could also talk about something interesting like “How many sex partners have you had? According to a survey of adults aged 20 to 59, women have an average of 4 sex partners during their lifetime; men have an average of 7.  This according to the National Center for Health Statistics.”  In other words, you make a post talking about sexual partners, insert a few affiliate photos and link each of them to the galleries but you text is about sexual partners.  It’s unique and might be an interested read and that makes your blog better quality than just a bunch of stupid spam posts.

How about this … “When did you lose your virginity?  According to a study done by the Kinsey Institute at California State University, the average male loses his virginity at age 16.9; females average slightly older, at 17.4. And a new study shows that genetics may be a factor: inherited traits, such as impulsivity, can make a person more or less willing to have sex at an earlier age.”

Again while you are making posts about that subject matter you have inserted relevant photos of hot read head’s nude or whatever with a link to that affiliate gallery.   You are letting the story draw in the traffic, while the picture sells them on clicking the link.


Every post you make must have a unique title and meta description.  If you installed the SEO yoast plugin like we talked about earlier, at the bottom of your post you have the opportunity to fill out the page title and meta description for each and every post.  It’s important than you do that FOR EVERY POST!  In our sample post your title could be Audrey Hollander Cock Star (those would be your desired keywords too) and then for the description you would BRIEFLY say what the post is about.  Also be sure and use the build in wordpress TAGS feature.  You might be surprised how much a few good and relevant tags can do for you traffic wise.


A common mistake that newbie webmasters make is loading their page up with ads.  They seem to go crazy with filling every spot they can in sidebars and footers with banner ads.  This is a huge mistake and will probably cost you far more money than it will ever make you.  A low quality site, bombarding the user with ads won’t encourage anyone to click on a damn thing.  Instead look at my blog as an example.  You don’t see a bunch of ads no do you?  Of course not!  You should always – always – always have more content than advertisements.  While it’s okay to have an ad or two on your site, don’t go overboard.  Don’t make your site so annoying and trashy that the second people click to arrive on your site they want to leave as fast as they got there.  BUILD A QUALITY SITE.

Free Audrey Hollander

Don’t try and cut corners and do cheap tricks to automate things.  Don’t be lazy.  Make the posts yourself.  Be original.  Be unique.  Make your blog something people really want to read and you know what?  You’ll actually make money with it.  You don’t have to be a great writer.  It’s sex.  Talk about sex and all ways and people will care.  People like sex.  So how many different ways and subject matters within the confines of sex can you think of to talk about?


So how many new posts a day should you make?  Well to be honest that is up to you.  The more posts you make the more often search engines will visit your site to update what you have done.  So while it would be great to have 1 to 5 new posts a day, I also realize that’s not always realistic so just do the best you can do.  If you find however you aren’t at least doing weekly updates then you aren’t putting enough attention to your blog.   Daily updates are best but a post or two a week is acceptable, especially after you’ve been doing it for awhile and have a good base to fall back on.  The more posts you have, in time they will start to build you more and more and more traffic.

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