Evelyn is Picture Perfect

For years I’ve seen the great things people can do with Photoshop and long since admired their skills. Truth be told, I’m so not a graphics artist. Don’t get me wrong, I wished I was, it’s just a skill I flat out don’t posses.

Recently I came across a fun little program who says they can take any photo and make it Photoshop like fabulous, so I decided to take a picture of the UK model Evelyn from Bluebird Films and started playing around.  The photo to the left (the whiter skinned one) is the touched up phone to Evelyn.  The first one is the touched up photo while the one below that is the original.  What do you think?  Is Evelyn picture perfect or what?!





Lydia Yapp

I have a new client I’ve been working with, Bluebird Films.  They make adult movies like many other studios but most of their girls are from the UK.   I’ve not really worked with a lot of talent from England before so I’m still learning about these girls.  It may take me awhile, but it’s been a fun learning experience.   Today I got a  new photoset from a model by the name of Lydia Yapp that is scheduled to go live on Babe Channel Babes in a few weeks.  She has a very unique look.  She’s an exotic beauty with a distinctly Asian flair.  Very sexy don’t you think?

 Lydia YappLydia Yapp