Don’t be a Social Networking Spammer

Social Networking

Social media is about being social, not about spamming your friends and followers. This is something that a lot of people just don’t seem to get.  If you follow the rules of etiquette when using social networking sites, you might just find that you’ll actually have far better results than you would by being a …

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Good Graphics or Bad SEO?

Jan, 13, 2014 Kelli Roberts SEO 0
Good Graphics or Bad SEO

There are two things most people dream about in regards to their new website … having it look fabulous and getting lots of people visiting it. Problem is, sometimes our pursuit of having it look fabulous can actually hinder our effort to get lots of traffic. We all want beautiful websites with lots of pretty …

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Google’s Surprise PageRank 2013 Update

Dec, 06, 2013 Kelli Roberts SEO 0
Google PageRank

Matt Cutt’s from Google told us a few months ago not to expect a pagerank update anytime soon. Apparently the servers that did the updates were down and it wasn’t a priority to fix them anytime soon so we probably wouldn’t see an update until 2014. Then at about 2 am on Friday December 6th …

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Google reminds us not to be naughty!

Dec, 04, 2013 Kelli Roberts Kelli Roberts 0
mobile redirects

Anyone who runs a website quickly learns the power of traffic from search engines like Google. It’s free, targeted and that means it typically converts well. So we work hard to get more traffic from Google or other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc. Now imagine one day you wake up and all of that …

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PageRank Really Does Matter

Nov, 22, 2013 Kelli Roberts SEO 0
Google PageRank Does Matter

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone say “Pagerank is stupid” or “PR doesn’t matter”. And you know what, those people are wrong. If pagerank didn’t matter then it wouldn’t exist. You don’t get to be a major company like Google by being stupid. It really is that simple. But the question is, …

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The Pretense of Love

Nov, 07, 2013 Kelli Roberts Kelli Roberts 0
The Pretense of Love - Girl Porn versus Real Porn

I am uniquely qualified to write about this subject matter because as I female I have spent the last 18 years in the adult industry and in the last year alone, read over 100 contemporary romance novels. All in the name of good research mind you. Most people will agree than men and woman are …

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A Secret To Making Some Money on the Side

Oct, 10, 2013 Kelli Roberts Kelli Roberts 0
Write an eBook

So you’ve worked hard, created a fabulous website or two or ten and now your sites are finally getting some traffic, great. But now what? Some of the affiliate programs you signed up with have been sucking balls. That happens and luckily there are thousands more to choose from. But there are other alternatives. Sure …

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