A guide to using Twitter the right way

So you are a porn star or in the adult industry somehow and realize that social networking is of vital importance to your success, but you aren’t sure how to use it the right way.  Well, then my friend you are reading the right article.

#1:  Don’t show us the full Monty!

Don’t have blatant and obvious nudity in your profile graphics and most especially with your avatar.  While it is true Twitter has been very open minded with the adult industry taking to twitter so far, they have had some account bannings and lock downs with people have their vagina’s flying free in their profile.

In addition to no nudity in your header/avatar you should also not include links to pornographic websites in your header or avatar.

#2:  Spam is not your friend!

Twitter isn’t a place to spam others or even really promote your product or service.  Twitter is about socializing with other like minded members of the twitter community or twitter-verse as it is known by some.  Spamming will get your account banned, period.  Don’t do it.  There is no specific set number of normal tweets vs ad tweets you can use like 1 ad for every 20 real tweets but I can assure you, but I can promise if you are posting ads more than that, chances are sooner or later you are going to lose your twitter account.

My suggestion is to keep with the 80/20 rule.  What this means is there should be no more than 2 ad like tweets for every 8 real tweet you have in your timeline.

So while you are talking about the TV shows you watched last night, the new bikini you want to try on and see how fabulous it looks then it doesn’t hurt to throw in 1 ad.  But if you sit there all day tweeting links to this picture or that video on your website, you are just a twitter spammer and that’s not going to fly for long.  With twitter you have to at least pretend to be interested in the world around you and that’s what you should be tweeting about.  For example, A-Rod was playing baseball today and picked up some hot chick during the actual game itself.  Put his number on a baseball and said call him.  The chick just so happen to be a former model and bikini designer and you could talk about a) how hot she looks or b) how hot you  (or some girl) might look in one of her bikinis.

Since you should be tweeting no less than 4 or 5 times a day, with each subject being at least a few lines each, that basically means you can tweet an ad about 1 time a day while all your other tweets should be about the 4 or 5 various other subject matters which again can include anything from your favorite TV shows to some pink panties you were thinking of buying this weekend at the mall.  What you say doesn’t really matter, just as long as you are talking about something.  And on that note keep in mind you need to tweet every day no less than two distinct subject matters in any given day but always try for 4 to 5 per day.  Active tweets like Vicky Vette can easily cover 10 subjects a day without blinking an eye.

#3:  Don’t waste your time buying followers!

Having a lot of twitter followers doesn’t make you seem important.  In fact if it is ever revealed you have bought followers (and there are sites out there who publish such data), then it would hurt your reputation even more.  It would make you look shady and desperate.

Case in point, Digital Playground brought in a new contract girl who was rather young and quite annoying.  She would do interviews and say things how the other contract girls were jealous of her because she was so young and pretty.  She then started to brag about how many twitter followers she had before her first movie was even released.  Well that got people suspicious and they started digging.  Turns out Digital Playground had bought a lot of those followers for her so most of these “fans” were actually just fake accounts.  So how great did she look when that news came out? LOL

Beyond that, what really is the point of having a bunch of fake followers?  If your goal is to make money or build up your brand then for that you need real people.  It’s better to have 23 real followers than 280,000 fake ones.  Don’t you think?  What can those 280,000 fake people do for you?  Nothing!  Because they aren’t real.  But 1 of those 23 people might buy your next movie or join your website.

 # 4:  Don’t be a drama llama!

Twitter isn’t to air out your personal business or dirty laundry.  Keep this shit between you and your real life friends.  Sure every once in awhile you may need to tweet some warning but keep it limited.  For example, last year or so Kiara Diane worked on a big budget film for Bluebird Films.  She went to cash her check from them for a scene she did only to find that the studio had stopped payment on all of the checks.  Turns out Paul Chaplin the owner had done this because he was pissed off that someone ran a story about the movie but didn’t include his name in the article at all.  As the star of the movie and the company owner he through a piss fest and cancelled the checks to the some odd 40 girls who got paid to be in that movie.  I know, how mature of that ass hat, right? LOL  So anywho, she tweeted letting others know her check from them bounced to warn her fellow performers about working with them.  While she eventually got her money, she did the right thing in tweeting out a warning to others about Bluebird Films not paying their talent.

But in general she doesn’t tweet a bunch of drama or fight with others over twitter.  So long story short, if you have some sort of issue every once in awhile it’s understandable you want to get the word out but don’t do it on a regular basis and this means tweeting anything negative including your PMSing.  We don’t need to know this.  There is never a reason that you fan base needs to know your menstrual cycle.  If they do then you are probably a drama queen and need to stay your ass off twitter in the first place.

# 5: You are never fully dressed without a smile

Always be nice.  Even if some jack ass is tweeting you about what a two-bit whore you are.  Who cares, block him, and move on.   Your followers have enough bullshit in their life and they don’t need to come on twitter and see yours too.  Be positive, smile, and be loved and worshiped by all.  If you are having a bad day STAY OFF OF TWITTER.  Don’t degrade or put down fans or other people.  It only ends up making you look bad.  Try and keep a positive spin on the subjects you are speaking about.  In the long run, you’ll gain more fans and followers that way.

# 6: Shout Outs Rock!

The best way to get more followers is to engage with others in the industry. This means if someone you did a scene with tweets about something, respond to him or her! Those interactions between you two will get you noticed and get you more followers. Heck, you can even take it a step further and arrange a shout out for shout out. You offer to promote their twitter account and in exchange, you do the same for them. Say like HEY FOLLOW MY FRIEND (@WHOEVER), and then they do the same for you. That really does work!

# 7: Consistency is important

I said it before but I need to say it again because it’s important to your overall social media success strategy. Post daily 4 to 5 times a day, every single day. A tweet doesn’t have to be a picture or a video. Just say hello or good morning or talk about a movie you’ve recently watched on Netflix. The whole point of social media is to be social. So get out there and interact with your followers and share a little bit about yourself with the world.

The Power of the Emoticons

Emoticons are an easy way to express emotions that aren’t always so easy to get across with just text messages.

If you are calling someone an idiot, it’s hard to tell if you are angry and just being silly.

But the use of emoticons can help with that. Emojis serve the purpose of conveying emotion through facial expressions.

You idiot 😆

You idiot 😡

While you are saying the exact same thing, the two messages clearly have very different meanings.

Apt use of emoticons is extremely important to convey the desired tone behind the message. It also will help avoid your message being misinterpreted.

But there is another reason for using emojis and that is to increase your engagement.

When you make a post, the number of times a person comments or likes the post is considered an engagement. The more people that “engage” with one of your social media posts, the better.

On sites like Instagram and Facebook, her post-engagement means you are likely to get more push from those platforms so that more people will see it.

Experts claim that emojis in a tweet can increase engagement by 25% and emojis on a Facebook post and increase the number of likes by 57% and the number of comments and shares by 33%.

On Instagram, the use of emojis can increase engagement by a whopping 48%.



Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

Today I want to start a talk about something known as affiliate marketing. Over the last ten year’s it’s become a big deal in mainstream, but something we in porn have been doing since day one.

It’s a very basic concept, a company pays a person a commission for every sale they make.

For example, if a company like Digital Playground releases a new movie, they would pay someone like me to promote that movie. They would pay me a commission for every sale I made of their new movie.

I would grab a banner about the new movie, in this case, it’s called Meet The Neighbors and post that banner on my website.

Meet The Neighbors from Digital Playground

But how can I make sure I get credit if I post the banner on my website advertising that new movie? Well, the only way is to make sure I use a trackable link. In this case, I’ll be sending my traffic to


The first part of the link tells them where to go and the last part tracks that the person came from my site so if the person buys the movie, I get the credit.

The “offer” from Digital Playground is, they’ll pay me 60% of that sale. So if the person was to go buy that movie, I make 60% of what they spend.

Sounds, simple enough, right?

Well, it gets far more complicated than that but I wanted to make sure you at least understand the very basic concept.

When a company says, hey I’ll pay you to promote (whatever) for us, that is their “offer“. You’ll hear that word “offer” thrown around a lot.

It’s just their way of saying hey I’ll offer you some money to promote my product or service.

Like in the example above, Digital Playground’s “offer” is that they’ll pay me a 60% commission for every sale I make.

They charge a customer $29.99. 60% of that is $17.99. So if I send over 10,000 people and 3 people buy, I just made $53.97.

That also means that 1 out of every 3,333 people made a purchase.  Those numbers aren’t very good. So I have to ask myself, what can I do to make more money with my traffic? I mean what if I could find an “offer” where instead of 1 out of every 3,333 made a purchase, but 1 out of every 500? 

I would make 20 sales instead of just 3, meaning I would make $359.80 instead of just $53.97.

Finding the best offer for your type of traffic is the key to real success in affiliate marketing.

I began working with Vivid Video back in 1998. I was one of their first-ever affiliates. 21 years later I’m still making money with them.

There was a time when I would make 1 sale for every 50 people I sent their way. Then it was 1 sale for every 118 people. Now it’s more like 1 sale for every 881. But still, those numbers aren’t the worst, but they could be better.

The problem isn’t my traffic, in this case, it was that Vivid stopped producing new content so less and less people were interested in buying their movies as they were old and outdated with porn stars that aren’t around anymore.

So I needed to find a new program, one that made new movies with current porn stars. But there are a lot of porn stars out there. So I needed to figure out what porn stars bring my site the most traffic.

If my visitors are fans of blondes with big boobs, what’s the point of promoting to them movies with brunettes with small boobs?

The key to success is finding a product or service that your traffic wants. Yes in my case that product or service is boobies, but hey, in the end it’s all the same. Boobies, Blenders, Tennis Shoes. What the end product is doesn’t really matter. What you care about is finding exactly what your customers need and giving it to them.

And in this case, “customers” means the visitors to my website. You are a visitor to my website. So my job is to find what YOU need and give it to you. 

In this case, since you are reading an article about affiliate marketing, I can assume your desire is to make money on the internet. So now I help you by learning more about how you can make money on the internet. Then suggesting to you, a way to do that is to sign up for a company that will pay you.

So let’s talk about some options for you to make money.

If you want to create your own porn website and sell people subscriptions, you could go to ModelCentro. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything. All you need to do is bring your own content. They handle everything else.


Or let’s say you create a blog and you post about blondes with big boobies and you need a way to send traffic to someone to make money through their website because you don’t want to create your own. No problem. 

I’ve been doing well promoting MyFreeCams. If you want to make money doing that too, click here to sign up for an affiliate account with them.

If you don’t know how to make your own website, you need to start by reading my book. It’s a step-by-step guide!

Kelli's eBook

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Now you have everything you need to know to start making some cold hard cash on the internet!


SEO is Changing … are you?

I’ve been doing marketing within the adult industry in some form or another since August of 1996 and the longer I’m in the industry, the more I just have to smack my forehead when I talk to people who claim to be so-called experts.

For the longest time, I was convinced the insane bullshit people said on sites like GFY was just a way to screw with other people. I was convinced they knew better but was giving the wrong or bad advice on purpose to mess with new guys. But recently I’ve begun to realize that I might have been wrong. Maybe some of these guys really do think their wrong information really isn’t good advice. Maybe they just read the headlines of SEO articles and then misquote it or something. I don’t know.

But the one thing I can say for sure there is a lot of bad information out there.

There is this guy who frequents XBIZ.net, the adult industry insiders board. He says his line of work is adult marketing and claims to be an expert in it. So this self-proclaimed expert who goes on both GFY and the XBIZ board all the time posting like he’s a pro, tells people one day that backlinks are stupid and no longer have real value – that nowadays it’s all about content.

He’s a complete idiot and is just talking out his ass and you know what? People buy his talk and treat him like he’s a real SEO guru.

In our industry, that kind of thing really is the norm. People claim to be an expert, talk a bunch of shit that sounds like it might be legit and everyone believes them.

So let’s talk about SEO in 2019. What it means and how you can use it to get more traffic to your website.

SEO is Changing ... are you?

There is really no one thing that will guarantee you search engine traffic. It’s a combination of many small things. You have to put effort into all the things to really see results. No one thing alone is going to bring you any amount of real success.

The first thing that matters is that you have unique, quality content. This means just writing three words down and posting a bunch of pictures won’t do anything for you. Pictures are pretty but they won’t help you when it comes to getting that sexy search engine traffic you desire. You need to write text and the more the better.

You want at least 300 to 500 words on every page — heck even more if you can. When it comes to describing photos or even photo galleries, that’s not always easy but it’s something you have to try and do.

But a page full of text alone won’t matter. You also need to get other people to link to that content. The more people that link to you, the better. These backlinks are a vital part of your success. It’s not just about numbers either.

A link from a site that nobody has ever heard of, won’t matter as much as a link from a website like Buzzfeed or the Huffington Post.

  • Quality content.
  • Quality links.

See a pattern? Google wants to send traffic to high-quality websites.

Take a look at a site like Mikesouth.com. This is a blog that has been around for years. They have links from not only other porn websites but also sites like Vice.com, CNBC, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post and more. This means a lot of really important websites are linking to them and that helps any post they make rank better on Google.

In all Google uses more than 200 things to determine which site will rank highest on their search results – they call these things signals. While not all things are equal, every little bit helps.

So let’s keep going and talk more about these signals.

The next thing to consider is how often you update your website. The more you update your website, the better. Google loves websites that are updated often. That’s not to say you have to update every single day. But you also don’t want to go weeks on end without any updates.

Think about how you think someone might search to find you. This is your keyword or keyword phrase. For example, if you are posting photos of Lana Rhoades, and you are going to try and rank for free photos of Lana Rhoades, use that keyword phrase in the title of your page and just as important, somewhere on the page itself.

Other things to remember — every page on your website needs a unique title.  If you have 93 pages on your website, then all 93 pages must have a unique title. No two pages should ever have the same title – ever. You need something to make each page title unique.

Social media matters. Some people refer to them as social signals but basically what the point is, that you have people tweeting about your website or posting your articles on their Facebook pages.

Social media is important in today’s SEO world.  If you make a post on Facebook about a story you wrote, a 7 people like it, and 2 people share the post, that shows Google you have some engagement and they consider that a bonus.

Of course the more people that like or share the post which includes a link to your website the better. The point is, you need to use social media to build links to your website.

I want to go back and talk about the title of your page again. Remember before how I said that every page on your website must have a unique title? Well that’s true and very important, but you should consider what you are putting in the title of your page because that plays into your SEO.

If I Google, How old is a MILF?, I’m going to get a whole page of results about MILFs. But you’ll notice the highest ranking pages are those withe my search term in the title. Here are the titles of the web pages that ranked best in Google for my search phrase, “How old is a MILF?”

  • At what age does a woman become a MILF?
  • What age group does the term MILF cover?
  • What is the minimum age requirement to be a milf ?
  • How old must a MILF be to actually be considered as one
  • How old to be a milf?
  • How old do you need to be to be considered a milf?
  • What’s the minimum age for a woman to be considered a MILF?

Creating descriptive page titles alone isn’t enough. Remember you also want to have a lot of content on your page about the age of MILFs, and you want other websites to be linking to your page, and you want people sharing your page about the age of MILFs on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Who you host your website with can also make a difference. This is because site speed matters. The faster your page loads, the better. Pages with fast loading times, rank significantly higher than pages with slow loading times.

If you host your website with a crappy hosting company like GoDaddy, Hostgator of Bluehost, you can expect to have crappy results. Sure they have cheap prices, but that’s because they load up their servers with as many websites as they can to cut costs. If quality and page load time matters to you then get a real hosting company – one that specializes in adult content and understands the needs specific to the adult industry.

The next thing I want to mention should be obvious but some people still don’t get it. If you want to rank for a certain keyword, or keyword phrase, you have to actually have the keyword (or keyword phrase) on your web page. You aren’t going to rank for “MILF” if you don’t say MILF anywhere on your page. It’s just that simple.

Now don’t go crazy and say it 100 zillion times. There is a special formula known as keyword density and that means you can only say the keyword so many times on a given page. If you don’t say it enough you won’t rank as high but if you say it to much, you’ll be penalized and rank lower.

KEYWORD DENSITY’ is simply a PERCENTAGE value of the NUMBER OF TIMES a KEYWORD or KEY PHRASE appears on a WEB PAGE compared to the TOTAL AMOUNT OF WORDS on the page.

You want to try and keep it at about 2% to 3%. This means if you have 300 words on your page, then you don’t want to say MILF more than 9 times. Actually even that’s pretty high. If you only have 300 words on your page, you really don’t want to say it more than probably 5 times. This is why longer content is better. If you say the keyword to many times, Google will punish you for what they call “keyword stuffing”.

So yes you must mention the word you want to rank for, just don’t mention it to much.

There are a lot of other things you can do to improve your SEO, but this will get you started. If you do this for every single page on your website then you’ll notice an improvement in the amount of search engine traffic you’ll get.

Also don’t just blindly trust what someone says about SEO even if they claim they are an expert. Go with advice that is thorougly documented from multiple sources and you’ll find you will have much greater success when it comes to search engine optimization.

Is affiliate marketing dead in 2018?

There was a time when I use to make affiliate sales as low as 1:18 with one of the top programs that I send traffic to.

As I look through my stats for the entire year of 2017 I see that those number has dropped drastically but they still aren’t that bad – I mean if you consider all things.

My sales ratios for the year with this program are now 1:292. Yes a far cry from the days when I was pushing out sales at 1:18 but still 1:292 isn’t that bad.

That means on average out of every 292 people I sent them, I’m I make 1 sale. To me those numbers are okay. Because even back when I was making 1 sale for every 18 visitors, the average affiliate was happy with ratios of 1:350 and 1:450.

Today I’m told the average affiliate jumps for joy with sales ratios of 1:500 to 1:700. Those are considered “good” or even “premium”.

So, clearly at 1:292 I’m still way above average.

This means that despite the downturn in membership sales, my traffic is still producing. I’m still able to do what I did 15 years ago, only with slightly less success.

That being said, I can only say what I do with confidence because I know the quality of my traffic.

I don’t run tube sites and the majority of my traffic comes from search engines through my SEO efforts. It’s also very targetted traffic. So if someone visits one of my websites they came there looking for something specific, such as a specific porn star like Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, Chasey Lain or maybe Megan Rain.

When they get to my website, they find exactly what they were looking for – content specific to that porn star and I advertise affiliate products specific to that porn star, such as the movies she starred in.

So while I may not generate as much traffic as a tube site does, the quality of my traffic is better and as a result, I make more money. How is that possible you ask? It’s a pure numbers game!

If I have 37 sales this month, it’s most likely that 31 of them will renew their membership. So not only will I make the money form those 37 sales, but I’ll also make money next month from the 31 members who renewed. So as you can see, not only do my sales convert better but I also have a crazy amount of rebills. More than 80% of all my joins will result in a recurring membership.

Tube site traffic, although plentiful isn’t as successful.

I sent an affiliate program I work with 19,823 unique visitors. In return, I was paid for 68 sales. This makes my sales ratios 1:292.

Now the argument is, if you run a tube site you’ll generate more traffic. This is true. Tube sites get much more traffic than my tiny little porn star websites do. However, their sales ratios aren’t as high.

  • 1 out of every 292 people who I send to the affiliate website will join.
  • 84% of those will stay a member of that site.
  • For all of 2017, I had only one membership refund/chargeback. 1 TOTAL!

Tube sites can boost much bigger numbers than me. They quite simply draw in more traffic. But their sales ratios are often as bad as 1:10,000. So the question is, do bigger numbers = more sales?

I not only have fewer expenses because I don’t need as much bandwidth because I’m not running high traffic websites and I don’t need all that disc space for all those videos they are hosting for their tube sites, but I’m also making more money.

After speaking with a few friends who run tube sites and comparing the numbers, I can safely say that the average tube site generates about 10 times more traffic than my porn star websites do. However, since they only make about 1 sale for every 10,000 visitors, that means that even with their extra traffic they are still only making about sales for every 68 that I make.

And that’s being generous. Ask around and I’m sure tube site owners will tell you they often have sales ratios much worse than 1:10k. In fact many report sales ratios of 1:30,000 and higher!

That means to get the same 68 sales that I sent them, some tube sites will have to bombard your website’s tour or preview area with over 500,000 visitors and in some cases as much as two million. Not only does that suck up your bandwidth but it also puts a heck of a load on your server.

The point I’m trying to make is — quality matters. Just because you build a website where you throw up a bunch of free porn doesn’t mean you can still make money as an affiliate in today’s market.

it takes time and effort to make your website unique. You have to offer people something of value. You have to really focus on putting together something that isn’t just a banner farm with a few free videos thrown in for good measure.

It is very much possible to make money in today’s affiliate market but it does also take effort.

Here are a few tips …

  • You should always limit the number of ads you have per page. Don’t have more ads than you do content. Focus your attention on creating a page with more content and fewer ads. Seriously.
  • If I visit your website the first thing I should see is your content, not an advertisement of any kind.
  • Tailor your ads to your website’s content. If your site is dedicated to blondes with big boobs, then sign up for affiliate programs that offer that kind of thing as well. If your website is dedicated to Asians then promote affiliate programs who offer Asians. I know that sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many people don’t bother trying to match the affiliate program with the theme (niche) of their own website.


Stupid HostGator

For those of you don’t run their own website, this post probably isn’t going to mean much to you, but for the rest of you, I think you’ll appreciate what I learned recently.

Last year during the Thanksgiving Black Friday sale, I was able to buy a year of web hosting for like $25 at HostGator. I put one of my smaller mainstream sites over there. I mean for a price like that, what can go wrong?

I know, famous last words.

Turns out, you really do get what you pay for.

The website I host with HostGator is a small WordPress website that gets less than 100 unique visitors a day.

This little website never really gives me any trouble. For the most part, it stays up, with an occasional 10 minutes down here and there — so I wouldn’t normally complain about the hosting.

But last week I got an email notifying me that my WordFence plugin was deactivated, by me. Now considering the fact that I didn’t deactivate it, I decided to log into my WordPress admin and see what was going on.

Turns out the site had gotten infected with Malware, so anytime anyone visited the website, a few of those pesky popups would appear.

I contacted tech support and they immediately redirected me to a third party company which they use and they require $150 to fix the problem for me.

I knew where the Malware was. I could FTP in and see where they had created a folder and were running a script. The only problem was, every time I tried to delete said folder it would come right back.

I wasn’t going to pay my hosting company for web hosting and an additional $150 to delete a damn folder for me. So this time I called in. Their support informed me, that they are not allowed to delete files from my server.

So I asked him, what exactly is it that you do then as tech support for host gator. He couldn’t really give me an answer.

But for $150 this 3rd party could clean up my website of the nasty Malware. They didn’t guarantee it wouldn’t come back, but at least, “for now” it would be gone. Now for $1440 they would protect me in case it did come back.

I explained to him that for a fraction of that price I could just take my website to a new hosting company and have it done for free. He didn’t seem to care.

Still, I was determined not to be defeated.

I knew I could pay WordFence $99. That would save me some money, but still, that seemed high. I just wonder if there was something else I could do myself.

Here is what I did ….

#1 I made sure there were no other users, other than myself.  If there are other users, and you know they don’t belong there, delete them at once.

#2 I delete my theme and re-uploaded a fresh copy of it so that just in case they have infected any of my theme files, I got rid of that issue.

#4 I made sure all my plugins were updated. I then deleted any plugins I didn’t absolutely need.

#5 I deleted WordPress completely –  I didn’t just install an update. I mean I actually FTP’d into my server, deleted all the WordPress files manually and then installed a fresh version of all the files that I had downloaded earlier from WordPress.com – obviously except my wp-config.php file. Make sure you don’t accidentally delete that.


Turns out the hackers had inserted an extra file in my WordPress wp-includes directory that didn’t get deleted/updated when you updated WordPress because it wasn’t really part of the WP core files.

So next time you have an issue, don’t just give up and pay the money, try and fight it yourself first. With a little patience and persistence, you can get rid of the problem on your own.

Side note: Just to be safe I also deleted all my plugins and installed a fresh copy. I also updated the password to my WordPress database installed on that website, making it slightly longer and more complicated. I wasn’t sure if they had compromised my database but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.



Is Twitter a Dying Platform?

I have a friend who always insists that Twitter is a dying platform. He’s adamant about this and says it all the time. But is it? How is Twitter really doing?

Number of monthly active Twitter users worldwide from 1st quarter 2010 to 4th quarter 2017 (in millions)

As you can see, Twitter has had exponential growth of ACTIVE users, year after year, every year since its inception.

While Instagram is doing much better, with 800 million monthly active users, Twitter is still holding its own with positive growth year after year after year.